Detentions & waiting for replys

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My cheek hurt like a bitch, now I was really wishing I hadn't come in between that punch.

Ugh what was I thinking ?No I wasn't thinking at all .. That's it

" Miss Moore "

"Huh" I look up to see Mrs. Tate shaking her head at me.

"I asked you a question miss Moore" she replies back

"Oh ...uhm, could you repeat it please" I plead innocently

"I had asked where your essay is" I gave her a confused look

"The one you had to write on about your summer, I sent an email to all the kids in this class before summer started" she explains to me with a stern face

Oh shit! I totally forgot about the essay.... Ugh why couldn't Mrs.Tate let us live in peace and let us enjoy our summers...oh I know

Because she's a soulless bitch! That's why!

"Excuse me" Mrs. Tate looks at with murderous eyes

Fuck did I say that out loud

"Yes you did and you just earned yourself a detention" she walks to front of room again as everyone laughs at me.

Curse my stupid big mouth.

Other than me getting detention the rest of the school day was pretty boring.

Currently I was sitting in the cafeteria with Tris, Grey and Jess.

I was so lost in my thoughts I hadn't even noticed them staring at me like a I was an alien.

"What!" I exclaimed

"Nothing, we're just wondering how the good girl ended up getting detention on the first day back" Grey says

"What me getting detention is not a big thing ok, I bet Mrs. Tate was just angry at her life so she has to ruin mine" I argue

"Whatever it's still unbelievable considering you were trying to keep you record clean so you could do the stupid exchange student program" Jess says

Student exchange program? Then it clicks oh yah, the program I signed up for last year so it would look good on my university applications, I was just waiting for my reply which wood come September 10 which was next week!

"Katie, Katie !!!"

"Yah" I respond

"I was asking if I could have your fries"

Yah sure I say, passing my fries to Tris

"God you've been blanking out a lot these day, you sure everything ok?" She asks me

"Yah just a lot to think about I guess" I reply

"Ok buy if anything happens just know we're here for you ok".

"Yah I know"

The bell rings and we make our way to our classes

Schools finally done. I almost danced in happiness until I realized I had detention and I would be stuck in this hell hole for another 2 hours.

Jay and Tris leave laughing at me as I stand there yelling at them not to eat my food or they'd suffer the wrath of Katie Moore.

With that said I make my way towards the detention room. I enter and see two other people there. Hunter Collins and Nick Richards. They also happen to be Kai peters best friends. Obviously they'd have detention on the first day.

As I sign in I hear hunter wolf whistle.

"Never thought I'd live to see the day where the golden boys sister ends up in detention". Nick chuckles

"Especially on the first day too". Hunter adds

Wow is it really that surprising to see me in detention.

" Not that surprising, I have gotten detention before" I say

" Oh so miss good girl talks eh" Hunter smirks

" I'm not that good in fact if I was such a good girl I wouldn't be here" I retort

"Whatever you say babe " Nick says

"You do know I have a name right" I say sitting down a seat away from the boys.

"Oh you do , we never knew?" Hunter says sarcastically while Nick fake gasps

I can't help but roll my eyes at them

"So we heard you got punched by our man Kai" Nick says

Before I can reply Hunter interrupts me

"What'd you do? Sass him till he hit his last nerve and took his anger out on you" Hunter says earning a glare from me

"No that's not exactly what happened, he was threatening Chase and my idiot brother decided to get included and pissed of Kai which made Kai want to punch him but before he could I jumped in between and ended up with a bruised and swollen face" I tell them

Hunter and Nick look at each other clearly amused by me and then ask the question I've been asking my self all day

"So why'd you did it ? I mean jump in between the punch?" They ask

"That's what I'd like to know as well" a husky deep voice says behind me

We all turn to see the bad boy him self Kai peters standing there. He walks over to us and sits on the seat in between hunter and I

"So why'd you do it huh?" he asks again

"To be honest i don't know okay, it just happened like an instinct" I answer truthfully

"Interesting" they all say at the same time making me giggle

"So we never actually caught your name miss sunshine" Kai says... What is up with these boys and their weird nicknames

"It's Katie" I say

"Hot name for a hot girl" Kai winks at me. Hearing that makes my cheeks burn making Kai smirk and the two boys laugh.

As soon as my cheeks cool down I say the stupidest thing possible

"Not bad your self mr.badboy" I say confidently

Kai and the boys just look at me shocked and a bit amused

" Is miss sunshine actually capable of flirting" Hunters says

"Idk am I" I say ... What is wrong with me ?

The three boys just smirk at me

Just as Kai was about to say something, The bell rings telling us we could leave now

As I stand up and grab my things I look at the boys and say

"I guess you'll never find out now" I smirk at them and walk out to the parking lot

They laugh and start to walk out with me

"Well it was nice meeting you good girl" Nick says

"It's Katie" I say

" Whatever , till next time Katie" Kai salutes and walks off with Hunter and Nick trailing him

Detention was not bad in fact I had fun. Meeting the schools bad boys wasn't terrifying as I thought it would be. Deep down a little part of me hoped I'd get see them again but as quickly as the feeling came it left even quicker as I walked back home where my friends would be waiting for me.


And here you have it chapter 3, really hope you guys like it ! :) I'll post soon till then bye 💋-L

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