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"No, please, daddy!" the young girl screamed, tears streaking down her face.

The man glared at her, warning her to keep her mouth shut. She had no choice but to remain silent as she watched the other man drag her older sister away. Her father then grabbed her and walked away, telling her it was for her sister's safety.

The young girl didn't understand, but once he dropped her on the ground she knew why he sent her away. He wouldn't want her to see what he's going to do to her fragile younger sister. The one he blamed for her mother leaving him, the one who has no idea why her mother even left. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks, but they only fueled the anger in her father.

"Daddy, please-

She never got to finish for he roughly slapped her, the sound echoing in the rain soaked forest. Her tears mixed with the rain that now poured down, soaking them both. His eyes were black, accusing, and angry. They frightened her, her heart was pounding against her chest as he grabbed her jaw.

"You are going to regret what you did." he snarled.

She furrowed her eyebrows, "What...what did I do?" she whimpered.

Her innocence caused him to become even angrier; he told himself that she caused this. That she told her mother what he had done and had forced her mother to leave. He shoved away the realistic side of his mind, ignoring the fact that his daughter most likely didn't. He grabbed her and threw her against a tree, her ribs making a sickening crack. However, he shoved his guilt and concern aside. He stormed over to her and continued his beating.

"You are a mistake." he spat as her vision went black.

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