time to leave/ where did she go? ch. 16

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Rosalinda (POV)

I sat there stunned. How could he be here? I left him before we came here. I sat there staring at him in shock. He looked the same but this time his face held a guilty look. Why is he even here, Oh right he's my little brothers murderes son. Thats a mouthful. I nodded for his father to continue.

"Rosa, I know you don't get on with my son but please just listen to him." His father looked at me pleading for my patience. I looked back from him to his son. I gave him a stern look.

"He has 2 miniuts to say what he has to say, and by the end of that I want to know what he is, and what he wants, Deal?" I  smiled at Danny, Still means he's a dick in my eyes.

"I'm right here you know?" I turned and smirks at him like he's not there. I turned back to his father who nods.

"Ross shut up and say what you want to say I want to go home and get her room sorted." I turned to him in shock.

"I'm not staying with him, I can't I need to be back at home." He nods at me and looks at his son.

"She has a point we'll talk after my son has finished speaking," He turns to me. If that's okay with you I will speak to your father about the arangements." I nodded but paused. "Doesn't mean i'm sleeping in the same building as any male's. My mate would kill me." He nods his head and looks to Ross. Never thought I'd see him look sad in my life, angry, frustrated but not sad.

"So who is he then?" He looked at me I sighed.

"His names Sam his dad and my dad are best friends they were really close until we moved when I was little. My pack are now joined with his." He looked at me shocked.

"Your an Alpha now?" I nodded.

"No wonder your dad always hated my boys." He looked at me sheepish and blushed.

"No he just hates anyone that beats up his daughter and makes her change to be with him. I don't hate you Ross but I know how to stop the fuid with the other packs. I just need more time to be with my family." He nods and I turned to walk back.

"What are you going to do?" He asked, I carried on walking and spoke,

"All in good time." And with that I headed back to the house.


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