Chapter Two

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Phil's POV

"IM HUNGRY!" Chris rolled around on the couch falling off with a thud, "Ow!"
"I'm gonna go hunting, you gonna come?" I ask already helping him up.
"I guess, PEEEJJ!!!!! CMON WERE GOING HHUNTINNGGG!!!" Chris bellowed up stairs, Pj ran down the steps and jump on him, knocking them both to the ground.
"You guys are such a couple!" I exclaimed knowing they like eachother but are both too scared to say anything. As expected, they both turn scarlet, stuttering over their words with turned into "w-were not"wha whadya me-me?" Who wha-"phi-Phil I don't"

"Cmon," I chuckle heading out the door followed behind by my stumbling idiots. Yes, they were mine, as I would be considered the 'Alfa' of the group. I was the strongest. You couldn't get higher than me, so I was perhaps the strongest in all of London. All vampires had standard super speed, super strength and some could fly. We could go out in day light and eat garlic. We lived forever, but if you didn't have your daily to weekly feeding of blood, you would die. As you get stronger, and are a vampire for longer, you have to feed less, me only having to feed a little amount every eight or so days. There was no vampire government or laws, like some shows make it out to be. You couldn't kill us wil a steak through the heart. But, if your mate doesn't love you back, you could die from heartbreak.

It's the most obvious thing that Chris and peej are mates. They are basically holding eachother right now, I don't need to turn around to know. I, however, have yet to find my mate. Most people are too intimidated by my appearance to even consider talking to me, let alone, fall for me. I had tattoos all up my arms, ears pierced along with an eyebrow bar and spider bites. I wore black converse, black skinny jeans, and a My Chemical Romance shirt. My hair was naturally jet black with a dyed bright blue fringe. My skin was pale making the black look blacker, and most people thought I would murder them on the spot.

As we continued to walk through the woods, Chris decided to go another way, Pj obviously following him like a dog. I caught a scent, the most exhilarating scent I've ever smelled. Their blood smelled amazing. Incomparable to any other. I couldn't describe it but I needed it now.

I raced through the woods stopping when I came to a thicket of large bushes keeping me from my meal. I flew over landing on the ground smoothly without sound. I hid in the shadows, looking around for any sign someone was here. The scent was stronger than before, and I didn't know how much longer I could take it. I spotted a boy, lying in the grass, fast asleep. I stalked closer, noticing his pink sweater and pink converse, and a flower crown to match, fallen off his head. His hair was a gorgeous shade of brown, cut similar to mine, but in the opposite direction. I took in his facial features, just watching his stomach rise and fall in synch with his breathing.

I was in a trance, only broken when he started to stir."huh?" He grumbled, looking around confused. His eyes landed on me, and he flinched, backing up only slightly. "Wh-who ar-are you?" He stuttered, obviously afraid of me. "Hi, I'm Phil" why was i interacting with him?! "O-oh, I-I'm Dan" he said, you could tell he had been crying, his eyes were red and puffy and his face was stained with dried tears.

There was a sudden rustling in the bushes, and Dan flinched back obviously scared. I swirled around to see Chris and Pj with blood around their mouths, coming closer. I met them halfway, leaving a terrified Dan by the small lake. "Oh my gawd, he smells so good!" Chris whisper yelled, trying to step forward. I blocked his way, why did I block his way?! "Well you can't have him!" I said harshly, my eyes turning a dark shade of red. "Whoa -dude are you okay," they stepped back, knowing I could kill them both at any moment, as they weren't nearly as strong as me. "Don't touch him" I harshly whisper yelled, why was I being so protective?! "O-okay" PJ cowered behind Chris, hiding his face in Chris' shoulder.

I walked back to pastel boy and sat down next to him, maybe too close for his liking, as he looked scared I would murder him. "Are you okay?" I asked softly, changing my eyes back to their normal crystal blue. "Y-no" he admitted, bursting into tears again. I picked him up placing him in my lap. He tensed up at first, then calmed into my touch. Slowly the sobbing stopped and he was fast asleep in my arms. Chris walked closer, dragging Pj with him.

"What are you doing?!" He whisper-yelled at me.
"I DONT KNOW!" I whispered back.
"Well, whatever this is, you need to kill him." He stated firmly.
"Why not? Why is hardcore, tatted up, pierced all over Phil, holding a cutie pastel boy instead of eating him?!" You could see the jealousy form in PJs eyes when Chris said this, it was comical.
"I-I don't know, can- can we keep him?" I ask, pleading with all my power.
"He's not a pet Phil!"
"I- I know but, just for tonight? He can stay in my room and and I'll feed him and give him clothes and everything! you guys can not kill him or I will kill you" I begged them, then threatened them to show I was more powerful. I was bringing him home anyway.
Chris sighed, "Fine, Phil, but your carrying him!"
"YAY!" I let out an excited giggle, immediately coving my mouth. They both stared at me with shock written all over their faces.
"YOU LIKE HIM DONT YOU?!" Pj spoke for the first time laughing at the end. My face flushed red as I tried to deny.
"Don't even lie to me Phil, You've got a crush" he laughed again and started to walk away. My face stayed flushed as I stood up and Dan cuddled closer into me, not waking up once. This boy was light as a feather, that's not even because of my strength talking, usually people still felt heavy. I gently placed my hand on his stomach, gasping slightly, whens the last time he ate?! I pushed that thought aside, thinking about the steady breath on my neck, it was giving me the chills! I mean sure he was cute and his eyes were like chocolate and his style was like a cute little prince, but I did not like him!

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