''Beck- I mean Rebecca I am sorry I just need to do some paper work,'' said Jonathan.

''You are stuck with us hunny,'' said Austin. That boy some day I wil get revenge on him I swear. But not for now...

'Beep Beep' my phone rang a little bit meaning I had a new messege. But from who?

Uknown Number- Hey Bec it's me Robert or 'Robertito' as you call me ... So I was wondering can we meet up at the park later

Me- Sure, but right now I can't maybe in 30 minutes?

I saved his number to my phone and waited for his response

''Becca, come on'' called Michelle as she got her purse and keys.

Robert- Ok! Tell me when though.

''I am going,'' I say. Austin, Alex, and Michelle where already at the front door waiting for me.

''Hurry up babe,'' said Alex.

''Anymore nicknames?'' I ask them both as I make my way to the front door where they are.

''Actually yes!'' says Austin.

''Come on guys,'' calls Michelle

''Going... Come on losers we have to go,'' I say to them both as I drag them to the car.

''Whoa come on Becca,'' says Austin as we enter the car.

''So howcome you were here?'' I asked Austin

''You know just to sign some of the paper for the signing,'' he responded

''What label?''

''Sony Music'' He anwsered

''Cool I a-'' I was about to blur out that I was signed with them , but I stoped ''So anyone else hungry?''

''You what?'' asked Alex.

''I am- hungry?'' I say but, comes out more like a question.

''Are you sure about that, it sounded like you are not,'' said Alex

''Yeah Yeah I am positivly sure,'' I say ''anyways can we hurry up to the house?''

''Almost there, why honney?'' responded Michele.

''Oh I am meeting up with someone,'' I responded calmy

''With who?'' asked Austin.

'''Metich- wait no I mean none of your buisness'' I say

''Where you just talking spanish?'' asked Alex

''Maybe so maybe not,'' I anwser to confusse him.

''We are here!'' calls Michelle from the drivers ''seat, I quickly get of the car and on the process i almost squish Alex. Oh well I don't weight much, do I?

''Rebecca!'' hissed Alex

''Yes?'' I ask inocently

''You, are going to pay well can I pay later I need to go somewhere'' I say as I head to my house by crossing the frontyard in between our houses. Something I always do, nothing new. Bro! I quickly entered my house and pulled out my phone and started texting robert to tell I will be in my way in 5 minutes, I go to my room and pick out and outfit nothing fancy just some skinny jeans with my dafne paradise shirt from brandy melville and some red high tops. Almost when I was done I recived a text from Robert telling me he was 5 minutes away from the park. Oh gosh I need to hurry up! I quickly text Jonathan telling him where I am going to be and headed to the park. Luckily Austin and Alex weren't outside or they would have followed me.