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Most of the characters in this book are made up and come from my imagination. Only few characters, like the boy band One Direction, are real people. One of the characters that belong to me is Madison White. She is MY character and came from MY own imagination. Therefore, stealing her idea in the work of copyright is punishable by law, and also punishable by the law of "I will block your ass."

So to sum it up all over again; the boy band One Direction do not belong to me, I do not own them, so do whatever you please with them. Madison and other characters in this story are my own characters that I made up, meaning they are mine. The actors/actresses who play my characters, like Ryan Newman who plays Madison, are not mine either as they are played by real life people that I have no ownership over. 

WARNING: I wrote this story back when I was a "noob" so this book may be a little poorly written no matter HOW many times I rewrite this thing! So please excuse me if it seems a little repetitive, cringey, carrot-y, or all of the above. But it is under heavy editing so it's only a matter of time until this story fits my vision.

And hey! Feel free to drop a comment or vote because truthfully those motivate me to write/publish more! Positive or negative feedback are greatly appreciated. Anything to encourage me or help me fix my writing will be a great help to the story and my ego, thank you.

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