Chapter 1: Hogwarts Express Arrival at Hogwarts

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Michelle's POV
"Bye, dad," said Michelle as she waved goodbye to her father along with Demi. Michelle had blond hair and Demi had short brown hair. "Take care, girls," called Michelle's father. Michelle and Demi then said goodbye to Demi's mother. Michelle and Demi then boarded the train and searched for an empty compartment. They passed a few compartment, but they were full. Finally, they found an almost-empty compartment. A girl with curly, dark brown hair was reading a book by the window. "Hi, uh, are we aloud to sit in here?" asked Michelle. "Everywhere is full," added Demi. "Oh, yeah sure," said the girl. Michelle and Demi sat next to each other, opposite the girl. "My name's Lavender, nice to meet you," said Lavender as she held out a hand. Michelle shook it. "I'm Demi, that's Michelle," said Demi before Michelle could speak. "What book are you reading?" asked Michelle. "Oh, it's one of my favourite books!" exclaimed Lavender as she put her book down next to her. The train slowly began to move, gaining more and more speed. Lavender, Michelle and Demi looked out the window and waved their parents goodbye through the window. They sat back down and started chatting about how exciting it was to be going to the Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

They then heard a knock at the door. The door opened and they saw a girl with short, curly black hair, with a huge grin across her face. The girl plopped herself down next to Lavender and giggled. "Hi, my name's Taylah. There's nowhere else to sit so I decided to crash your little party and come sit here," said Taylah with a huge smile. "It's fine, I'm Demi, that's Michelle and that's Lavender," said Demi while gesturing to Michelle and Lavender. Michelle waved as well as Lavender. "Aren't you guys excited?!" exclaimed Taylah. "Hell yeah!" yelled Michelle while punching her fist in the air. "Yeah, I do hope I get put into a good house," spoke Lavender. "Same here, to be honest I really would like to be put into Gryffindor," said Demi. "Hufflepuff pride, for me!" said Taylah. "Yaassss!" said Michelle, hi-fiving Taylah. The girls kept talking and giggling, occasionally bursting with laughter (which was normally Taylah and Michelle).

The girls got changed into their robes and went back to their compartment, only to find two other girls in there. "Oh, there was people in here. Sorry," said a girl with smooth black hair. "No, it's fine, really," said Michelle as the girls sat down in their spots. "My name's Maria, that's Sabrina. She doesn't like people that much," said Maria who laughed a bit. Taylah burst out laughing at what Maria said. "I'm Goth, not Emo. Don't get them mixed up," commented Sabrina and went back to closing her eyes and listening to music. The girls talked and talked, sometimes Sabrina would fist bump them if they said something she would approve of.

Finally, they arrived at Hogwarts. The train came to a stop and student came pouring out of it. "First Years, over here!" yelled a big man, almost like a giant. "Ge' in'o the boats, the' ya go missy," said the man, helping the girl into a boat. "Thank you," said each girl as they passed the man. "The name's Hagrid, tha' is," said Hagrid. The girls watched in anticipation as the boats led the to a castle-like building, with huge towers. "Follo' me, First Years," spoke Hagrid as they followed him to a room inside the building. "Thank you, Hagrid," said a woman wearing glasses and robes, and with a serious face, she spoke "hello, first years. My name is Professor Mcgonagall, I will be leading you to be sorted into your houses for your time at Hogwarts,". Many first years cheered as Professor Mcgonagall continued about rules, information and so on.

Once it was time to get sorted, all the first years were lined up and were lead to the hall. One by one, name's were called out, the line of first years lessened and lessened. "Lavender Baccari," said Professor Mcgonagall as Lavender sat down on the stool and placed the Sorting Hat on her head. "Hmm.... Very interesting.... You will become a very great witch.... Ah, very intelligent and obedient, as well as organised and resilient.... Well, I know where to put you.... RAVENCLAW!" bellowed the Sorting Hat as the Ravenclaw table cheered louder than usual. Lavender smiled and ran over to sit down. "Demi Doll," said Professor Mcgonagall. Demi walked over calmly to the stool and sat down, putting the Sorting Hat on her head. "Oh, just as interesting as the last.... You also will become a great witch, but in a different way..... Yes, yes.... Ah, you have the heart and the bravery of a lion, as well as a bit of mischief, yes, yes.... Aha! GRYFFINDOR!" yelled the Sorting Hat as Demi happily walked to the Gryffindor table, which was cheering louder than they did for the others. "Michelle Tippy," spoke Professor Mcgonagall. Michelle's heart was beating fast as she felt like a million eyes were upon her. She glanced over at Demi, who gave her a thumbs up. Michelle nervously walked over to the Sorting Hat, but with a huge grin across her face. She was so excited, yet so nervous. She sat down and placed it on her head. "Ah... Yes.... A very joyful and happy witch, you will be.... Inspiring all.... Yes, yes, a great witch.... I feel you will succeed the best in.... HUFFLEPUFF!" the Hufflepuff table erupted with cheerful laughs and shouts, along with a roar of applauding. Michelle smiled the biggest smile as she walked over and sat at the table. "Taylah Le Fab," Taylah walked over and sat on the stood, giggling with overflowing joy. "Yes, yes.... Ah, you will always find light even when it seems impossible.... You also will become a great witch..... Very happy, and may I say, a bit of a troublemaker.... I see no mistake in where I will put you..... HUFFLEPUFF!" the Hufflepuff table roared with applause for the second time as Taylah went to sit down next to Michelle. "Sabrina Zay," Sabrina strode up to the stool and sat down, glaring at the muggle-borns at the Gryffindor table in which a certain pure blood blond found interest in (*wink wink*). The Hat was then placed on her head. "Ah.... Very powerful witch you will be.... But, will you make the right choices? Ah, I have no objections when I say that you are a definite SLYTHERIN!" yelled the Sorting Hat. The Slytherin table applauded loudly as Sabrina strode down and sat next to a pug-faced girl who started chatting with her. "Maria Hade," Maria walked up to the stool confidently and sat on it. "Mm.... Interesting..... You will grow up to be a great witch, too, but what is it.... Hmm... A little bit of each, I may say.... definitely not Slytherin..... Ah, no, not Hufflepuff.... Oh! I know! GRYFFINDOR!" The Gryffindor table cheered loudly as Maria walked over to it and sat down next to Lavender. "Pia Badelley,". A girl with wavy black hair walked up to the stool. Pia slipped on her robe, making her fall face-flat onto the floor, making all the tables laugh. She got up, sat down and closed her eyes. "Haha, you are certainly clumsy.... You, too, will become a great witch.... You would make a great Hufflepuff, yet you are also very mischievous .... Oh! I know just the house, bold and brave.... GRYFFINDOR!" the Gryffindor table cheered as Pia made her way to the table, her face as red as a tomato. The Sorting Hat called out more names, one of them which was very familiar to almost all in the Great Hall, Harry Potter.

After Professor Dumbledore's speech, it was time to feast. Michelle watched happily as delicious food appeared in front of her eyes. "Taylah! This is amazing!" exclaimed Michelle, grabbing bits of every food and popping it into her mouth. Taylah, who was busy stuffing her face with every food, didn't notice Michelle said something and went back to eating. After the Feast, all houses were to follow the prefects to their common rooms where the first years were to be directed to their dormitories. "Taylah! Yay, we are in the same dorm!" screamed Michelle. "Yaaassss!" yelled Taylah as they ran off to their dormitory and changed into their pyjamas. Them, along with the 3 other girls in their dorm, chatted away until it was time to go to bed. "Shame, we were just getting up to the good part of my story!" exclaimed one girl. "Oh well, goodnight everyone!" said Michelle, cheerfully, as she pulled the curtains on her bed closed. "Goodnight!" hollered the other girls, including Taylah. Today was great, I wonder, would mum be proud of me? thought Michelle as she closed her eyes and slept with a grin across her face.

Author's Note:
I hope you enjoyed the first Chapter, it took about 40 minutes but it was worth it hehe.
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More people will be introduced in the chapters to come!
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