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Hi guys! This is my second story here :) Hope you enjoy it!

Cheerios! xx



I applied the last of my make-up to my face, and strutted out of my room wearing, well, the usual! My extremely white short shorts that somehow actually covered my butt, a tight light blue tank top, and sandal wedges along with my huge black and white New York bag. I was ready for my last day of middle school. My grey eyes shone as I realized I’d soon be rid of all these peasants that I had to go to school with.

The only thing I’d miss was, obviously, torturing these people. I mean, even if I was torturing them, at least I spoke to them, and that should be enough for everyone. My mom skeptically looked at me, but didn’t comment on how I dressed. She gave up a long time ago, since whatever she said just made me dress worse.

“See you after school, ma!” I called out. Grabbing a granola bar on the way out, I walked towards the bus stop. As I came nearer, I noticed there were already a few people there, including my neighbor, who just happened to be the nerdiest kid in school. I relished in seeing his face crumble when he noticed me coming towards him. His huge nerdy glasses just completed his look, which was worse than I could ever imagine. He had thousands of pimples on his face, and had his plaid shirt tucked in high-waist long shorts. Socks that came up above his ankles and dirty sneakers made me roll my eyes.

“How’s it going, nerd? I see that the years haven’t done anything to improve your fashion sense,” I insulted. He just looked down in humiliation. Sticking my nose in the air, I waited for the bus. Soon enough, the old, bright yellow bus came around the corner and rumbled to a stop in front of us. The second I stepped on the bus, everyone seemed to shrink. Several people faked sleeping so I wouldn’t sit next to them. Of course I wouldn’t sit next to them. I saw my girls at the back and rushed to them.

“Hey! Oh my gosh! Have you seen what Travis is wearing? Ugh, I think it’s his worst yet!” Carla said the moment I got within earshot. I laughed at her comment.

“I know, right? 100% agree!” Veronica said.

“C’mon guys, give him a break,” I stopped them. A few seconds later, I couldn’t hold my composure. I burst out laughing at my own joke. Carla and Veronica followed suit. Did anyone expect me to ever say that and mean it?

We kept on poking fun at Travis and his clothes, and too soon for all of us, we arrived at the dreaded school. No, wait, that was an exaggeration. I loved school! It’s where I got all my friends, my kingdom, basically. As I stepped off the bus, I huge gust of wind blew by, making my bright red hair flow out behind me. Perfect! A dramatic entrance for the last day of school and the last day any of these people would see me.

My eyes scanned around the familiar view. The school entrance stood right in front of me, made of white marble and huge block letters arched over the entrance. Welcome to Worthington Academy. This middle school was just like any other, except that it was private, extremely expensive, and had high expectations of their students. The marble steps led into a long hallway, and at the end of it was the auditorium. Every morning, all students were required to go there for the announcements. As I entered the school, hundreds of students stepped back in fear and let me pass without even looking me in the eye. I smirked, and walked straight to the auditorium.

The hallway was lined with dull grey lockers, and the walls were whitewashed. Doors led into classrooms after every row of lockers, which consisted of about seven or eight. The floor was tiled, but it was stepped on so much that you couldn’t really tell if it was grey or meant to be white. I finally got to the double solid wooden doors.

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