Chapter (3)

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Nick was the love of my life.

This was the thought that crossed my mind as I approached my father's study door. Needing a distraction; I knocked on the door softly and entered quickly, not waiting for permission.

Seating across from my father at our double sided desk; I began to run my fingers over the pile of contracts that would aide as a distraction. My father and I shared a glance with each other and a small smile of pity appeared on his lips as he brought his attention back to the open file he was reading; we always worked in silence and tonight I was ever so grateful that I knew no questions would be asked and no answers had to be given.

Bringing my attention back to the royal contracts in front of me, it was time to get distracted from my own sadness.


A firm knock on the study door surprised my father and me; we gave each other a questioning glance as neither of us should be expecting company. I glanced at the clock on the far wall if was half past three in the morning; no one should be disturbing us.

Wonder began to build up in me, who would dare come to the Kings study this late. My father cleared his voice; "Enter."

The door slowly opened and King Griffin entered, followed by Princess Sophia, Prince Connor and...... my breathing increased.


Snapping my eyes back to the contracts in front of me, trying to ignore the fact Nick had his hand wrapped around Sophia's. "King Griffin," my father stated as he straightened himself in his seat.

I heard King Griffin move closer to my father's desk; "I apologize for the lateness of our visit." Glancing up from my work and noticing the closeness of Nick and Sophia once again; heartache began to squeeze at my heart.

Why must they be here, couldn't they leave; "It would indeed need to be important." My father warned, letting my eyes glance at King Griffin as he narrowed his eyes at my father. "My daughter has mated."

My father glanced at me, then eyed Nick and Sophia behind me. "So I see." Father didn't drop his eye line from Nick and Sophia. "Nick is in line to be beta." King Griffin voiced. My father crossed his hands in his lap before answering; "Correct."

"Well you can see what situation we are faced with then." King Griffin stated; sharing unvoiced words through eye contact with my father as he let out a low sigh, turning his glance to me. What situation?

I noticed out of the correct of my eye Nick wrap his arm around Sophia's back protectively; as if he was scared she would suddenly be taken away from him, my heartache tightened.

I see no situation or reason for them to be in my father's and my study at this time of night; letting my shield down, I needed to connect with my father. "Please father, make them leave?" I pleaded telepathically.

 My father brought his eyes back to mine and again a smile of pity appeared; "Princess Sophia has mated with a Beta."Not using Nick's name out of respect for me, nodding my head to continue. Not caring that our unwanted visitors would notice our private conversation.

"She is of royal blood. He cannot leave our pack nor can she leaves her pack as she is of royal blood." My father finally pointed out.


Realization of their situation occurred; though this situation would not be present when Prince Connor and I mate, the packs would join.

Then another thought occurred, Sophia would not be able to tell Nick this; due to the royal secret not being able to be shared to anyone that wasn't of royal blood.

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