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As I rest here on these linen sheets

I still feel your presence here,

The scent has yet to change

Yet, there's excruciating pain when I hear your name.

As I wrap myself in you

I feel you smothering me

Like you are still here with me,

Suffocating in your savor,

Yet, drawn to you like a saviour.

I try to separate myself, change these old sleeping rags.

Yet every time it ends in defeat.

To rid myself from you is to rid myself from this pain but without a memory of you I feel as though I'm going insane.

Parts of me is with you

Every time I try to remove you I feel as though I'm removing pieces of myself too

You were my strength, you were my all.

Everything I am is with you

Since you have been gone I have been on a down fall.

If I destroy these sheets,

Completely will you be gone,

Along with all of me.

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