Chapter 1

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Dan's POV

I shut off the camera and lazily groaned. "Do we have to edit now?"

"No," Phil laughed. "But we should get the video up by tomorrow night. I already Tweeted that we were filming today."

I agreed, and we got ready to order a pizza for dinner. I do admit, living with your best friend is the best thing in the world, really. We just finished a new video on our joined gaming channel, since we've made videos together on YouTube for years now.

We casually enjoyed the rest of the night. I sat and scrolled through Tumblr, admiring all the people with URLs that included my and Phil's relationship name, "Phan," and smiled to myself. So many of our fans wanted us to be together, but we just weren't. Was there an exact reason as to why not? ...I actually never really thought about it. Sure, Phil is everything anyone would ever want in a boyfriend, being attractive, kind and charming, but we just weren't, and I didn't care whether he was my best friend or my boyfriend, just as long as we were together. He was still everything to me, no matter what you called us.


The next day, I woke up late and stumbled into the kitchen. I found Phil carelessly stuffing his face with cereal. He froze when I caught him like an animal.

I just laughed. "Do we still have enough for breakfast?"

He nodded, trying not to open his chipmunk cheeks and laugh back.

I shook my head at him, and took the box from him.

Phil's POV

So what? I stole Dan's cereal all the time. Every time he would just laugh. He pretends to act annoyed, but I know he loves it.

We had breakfast together and watched anime. I was losing track of what we watched because we would just talk the entire time.

Dan and I had been best friends for years. It's difficult for us to focus on anything but each other. Our fans picked up on things like that, and I have to say - they aren't always wrong. I do look at Dan lovingly or with admiration a lot. I'm just in awe at how lucky I am to have a friend as perfect as him. I truly had to wonder if he thought the same about me.

"Do we have to go out today?" Dan asked me tiredly.

"We have to do some shopping if you want dinner tonight," I responded.

"Can't we just get pizza?"

"We got pizza last night!"

"But I want to be lazy and watch anime."

"What are we even watching?"

He looked at the screen. "Anime."

I laughed. "I'm going for a shower," I said.

"Alright, be quick! I need to shower too."

I told him I would, and I did. After both of us were clean and more ready for the morning - which had become afternoon - we left our flat and walked to the shop. First, we passed by a Starbucks, and Dan insisted we get something to drink.

As we sat and sipped the coffees, I watched Dan. His brown fringe was on point, and he looked perfect. Dan was a handsome guy and it made sense that many of the fans were attracted to him. I just liked to look at him. When he was happy, I was happy. He teased me for zoning out.

"I hate you," I said playfully. He laughed quietly, and we got up to leave.

We came to a crowded London intersection, and knew we had to cross. I stayed ahead of Dan, leading him through the busy streets. I heard a vicious honk of a city bus, and in seconds, fell to the ground, hard and cold.

The last thing I remembered hearing was Dan grabbing my hand and telling me to stay awake, which I failed at.

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