Harry Styles Dirty Imagine #5

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State championship, 2 minutes left, down by 7, ball on the 50 yard line. This is my time to shine, the time I should be focused and ready to lead my team to victory. As the starting quarterback, you would think there is no place I'd rather be right now, but I just can't focus. It's not that I don't love football or my team or anything, it's just that (Y/N) is on the sidelines cheering and it's hard to focus on anything but her.

God, she's so sexy. Her in a cheer uniform is probably one of the hottest things I've ever seen. The way she's over there shaking and flipping is getting me extremely sexually frustrated.

"STYLES! Are you even listening!?" My coach yelled. I focused back in on the time out we were taking and nodded.

"Good, then go out there and win this for your team!" I nodded again as he patted me on the back.

I glanced back at (Y/N) as I jogged on to the field and she winked and blew me a kiss. We weren't exactly dating, but everyone either thought we were or that we should be. Needless to say, I didn't mind. Focus Harry. I reminded myself.

Our center hiked the ball to me and I handed it off to another player before faking a throw, just like the play called for. I looked down the field to see that my teammate hadn't gotten very far, only about 3 yards. We had 1:45 left in the game and I knew exactly what we needed to do. I called the play and looked to my best friend and wide receiver.

"You ready, Liam?" I asked, patting his back.

"Hell yes. We've got this." He replied easily. Liam was as confident as I was in this play. I called for the play and as soon as the ball got in my hands, Liam dodged his defender and sprinted down the field. I dropped back to pass, trusting my offensive line would protect me. I threw the pass exactly where I knew Liam would stop running, in the back corner of the endzone.

It seemed like time stood still. I saw the defender out of the corner of my eye coming towards me. I had just released the ball, but that didn't stop him from completely taking me down. I couldn't see whether Liam had caught the pass, but I heard a roaring from what I hoped was our fans. I hopped up and looked towards the endzone, where Liam was doing his signature touchdown dance. I called another timeout, our last one of the game. We could either go for the tie and kick a field goal or go for the win and go for two.

"Styles, what do you think?" Coach asked.

"I say we go for two." I replied simply. I believed in our team. He agreed and we went out on the field. There was just enough time for one play, it was all or nothing. We set up and I called for the play. Once I got the ball in my hands, I faked the hand-off and looked for my receivers. I was looking for a play when I saw a gap in the defense. Instinctively, I charged through the whole and into the endzone. Everyone went crazy, cheering and lifting me into the air. The team put me down and the fans stormed the field. I saw (Y/N) running towards me, so I broke away from the team and turned to her, picking her up in a hug.

"Good job, Harry, you were amazing!" She exclaimed, half-yelling so she could be heard over the crowd.

"Thanks, (Y/N)! Will I see you at the after-party?"

"After-party? Where is it?"

"One second." I said, turning away from her. "VICTORY PARTY AT MY HOUSE!" I screamed over the crowd. Everyone went crazy, cheering and clapping me on the back.

She laughed. "Harry Styles you are something else. But you know I can't say no to a party."

"Good." I looked down at her, admiring her in her uniform. She was still holding onto her pom poms, even through the hug. "Are you gonna put your pom poms down for me, baby?" I laughed.