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Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl was attacking her challenger with force and grace, throwing swift jabs and punches whenever he came too close to her, who is this fighter you may ask? None other than the punching bag in the cave's training room. 

Babs knew there was a all-team training session at noon, and it was half past eleven but she didn't care. Babs was fully concentrated on taking down the punching bag, (who in her head looked like the Joker) until a pair of muscular arms wrapped around her waist.

"Hey beautiful" Nightwing whispered in Barbara's ear.

"I thought you said no flirting around team mates" Babs replied in her sassy voice. Dick looked around the empty training room as he scooped Babs up, bridal style. 

"What team mates," Dick said as he set Babs down on a bench at sat down next to her. 

"So, Babs," Dick started.

"So, Boy Blunder." (Barbara might not have been able to see his eyes but she knew she was getting a full on Bat-glare from Nightwing)

"So Babs, I was wondering if I could kiss you, since nobody is here?" Babs loved how Nightwing was being super dorky and cute but, she was not letting him get away that easy.

"First you must tell me everything you like about me," Barbara demanded, "go."

"Well for starters, you are a good leader and a good hacker and you are nice to everyone on the team and your smart and brave and you never give up and your beautiful and you are a unbeatable fighter and when you wear that short skirt for Gotham Acadamy-" Dick was prepared to keep going but he was cut off."

"Okay Wingnut let's keep things PG," Babs said, "you get your kiss now."

Babs wrapped her arms around Nightwing's neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. When their lips touched it was filled with a magical kind of happiness, like Alferd's cookies mixed with flying with a grappling hook and kicking bad guy's butts. Add a hint of pure joy and you get something almost as good as the love flowing through the Bat-children at that second.

"I'm glad you two are having fun swapping spit, but if I wanted to see gushy romance stuff I would have watched a chick-flick with Arty," an all too fimiliar speedster voice said.

Standing only a few feet away from them was the whole team almost all of them sporting looks of "I knew they would get together" or "finally! It took them long enough to figure it out." The only expection was Zantanna who looked as if a liter of puppies was brutally murdered in front of her. 

" and I were just......ummm," Nightwing manged to choke out.

"Practicing mouth to mouth," Artemis added with a smirk.

Batgirl got away from Nightwing and stood with the rest of the team not making much eye contact with anything expect the floor.

"Alright," Nightwing said trying not to sound akward,  (he was failing) "let's begin training."

So how did you guys like it? I got the story idea from snowy3000. If you have ANY ideas please leave them in the commemt section or send me a message. If you send me a request/prompt there is a 99% chance I will write it. I also might start to write a Dick and Babs story so keep an eye out for that. Signed, Pixie Boots Lover

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