Last chap.

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Sorry I haven't updated for years, but hey! I have a phanfic now! And I finished my johndave! So this chapter will be the last bit of cuteness!!

.Dirks pov.

I wake up Jake cuddled to my arms. His chest razes up and down slowly as his breaths are long and peaceful. I know I'm a strider and am suppose to be stoic-

But English can really break that for you. You truly do love him and want him to be with you forever. It doesn't matter that we are in middle school, I love him,

His cute buck teeth, his accent, the way he snakes his arms around my waist in the morning.

I truly do love this boy, heck if die for him.

. Jake pov.

I wake up and pat the bed next to me. But it's empty. Bloody hell were could strider have gone??

You hear metal and clanking downstairs.


You walk downstairs quietly luckily Dirk didn't hear you.

You almost let yourself laugh at the sight...

....of Dirk trying to clean up the kitchen and actually make food. It was hilarious. He found some weapons, smuppets, heck he even found a moldy tub of Chinese food. But after awhile the kitchen looked decent and he was starting to make pancakes and bacon. You giggle and Dirk turns around.

.Dirks pov.
You finally get everything set up for a nice breakfast.

A giggle. You heard a giggle.

You turn around and look upstairs. You take the pancake on the stove And put it on a plate. Then run upstairs.


You pounce on Jake and tickle his legs- his most venerable spot-

He starts rolling on the ground laughing and sometimes getting Words in like "s-stop"

Or "ddddddddiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrkkkkkkkk" <count)

You finally got to making breakfast and sitting at the table. Jake jumps excitedly I'm his chair.

.Jakes pov.

Can't wait to see how good of a cook Dirk is! Smells.....

Like pancakes? You don't know if pancakes smell like that...

Once Dirk puts the plate in front of you you take a huge bite........

Huge mistake. You kinda make a sound mixed with a gag and a donkey. Whilst you choke on pancake. Dirk gets up and helps you un-choke yourself. Then looks at you. You quickly make one million exuses. "Hey don't look at me like that I was choking and I didn't have a drink. But the pancakes taste nice so yea but now that I think about it I don't think I'm hungry thanks" you say all in one breath and nonchalantly get up and try to walk away. Dirk grabs you and sits you back down.

"If it tastes good eat it" you hastily look at it "that's what I though" Dirk walks upstairs. You force-feed yourself the rest of the pancake before running after him.

"Dirk I'm sorry" his back is turned to me.

"It's ok it tasted horrible to you.." He mumbles. You slip into bed next to him and put your arms on his waist. You kiss his back and feel him shiver. Hehe he's so cute.

He turns around and takes off his shades, his beautiful fiery Orange eyes staring into my heart.

He was serious. OML does he hate me what I'd he doesn't want to get married. Oh gog. oh gog.
"W-What" you stutter.

"I fucking love you"
He plants a kiss on your nose and softly rubs the back of your head.

It can't get better than this. You fall asleep in his arms, knowing he'll keep you safe and love you be your prince until our hearts can only take half the love.

My dear boyfriend: the prince of heart.

.Dirks pov.

He'll forever be the pages to my life story.

He'll be my hope. He'll be there when I have nothing.

Because time flys by like -that- soon we'll be saying our vows. This moment. Any moment he'll always be,

My beloved boyfriend.

My page of hope.


YASSS ITS OVER!! My second story YASSS. Sorry it was short I love you all!!!!

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