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For 11 years of my life I had thought I was a normal girl living in the big apple with my god parents Susan and Andrew, and their son and daughter. Mike, age 22, and in his third year of university, and Rebecca age 21, in her second year of university.

I went to school, hung out with friends, went ice skating at central park in the winter, and had my first job where I had worked to save up money for my first car. I still currently work there, much to my birth parents’ displeasure. At 15 I asked my godparents if I could have a car as my 16th birthday present. They had said I should be more independent and responsible for myself; that if I wanted a car so bad, instead of having the driver take me places, then I should pay for a percentage of it myself.

I really wanted my own car. There was no way I was going to keep taking taxis that smell like cigarettes, sweat, and a bunch of other unknown things. The limo was out of the question, mostly because of the attention it brought. So on my 16th birthday, last year, I got the Fiat 500. It was custom made, which cost me more money, it has a black paint job with a purple interior instead of the normal cherry red interior.

The life of a high-class socialite wasn’t exactly my forte, and I wanted nothing to do with their stick-up-the-butt, high-class life. Of course, there was nothing I could do about it. Having been taken in and raised by one of the many rich families living in New York City; my life literally became food for the gossip networks. Thankfully, I’m nothing like the high-class socialites, and gossip mongers soon became bored of my life. Unless you count the times when the tabloids caught me being extremely hyper with some friends of mine. There was one time that we thought it would be fun to play around and splash each other in one of the fountains at a mall (we were completely sober.) There are also the times when I visited the senior homes and sang for them.

I rarely attended the parties, if I did it was because of a social function that my god parents asked me to go to. I also have problems with people doing things for me, even if it’s done out of the goodness of their heart.

If you had told me that I would be going from a normal, well slightly normal, high school junior girl to the beloved princess of an entire country, I probably would have laughed in your face and called you a first rate liar.

Little did I know that it was, in fact, completely and undeniably possible.

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