Brad Imagine- Requested

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This is an imagine for @nerdygirlcute

It was the same every school day I would walk into school with my best friend. I only have one friend as I'm quite quiet and so is she. Her name is Taylor, people talk to her a lot more than me as she is a little more confident than me. She is also very pretty, prettier than me. I don't see myself as being pretty, she has lovely long blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. I just have short black hair and brown eyes, oh my name is Christine by the way. I like to try and do my best at school. Some people would call me nerdy but that's okay everyone is different.

Anyway back to me and my friend. We are both quite close but not too close because i have this secret. A big secret that i haven't told anyone. There is this boy, oh the lovely brown curls he has.. Anyway yes!, there is this boy his name is Brad. He's in the same History and Science class as me. I have a really, really big crush on him. But the thing is we have never spoken before and I doubt he even knows who I am. I know things about him though he's one of the most popular boys at school. That's why i know I will never have a chance with him. He hangs around with 3 boys called James,Tristan and Connor. They are also his band mates. That makes it even a lesser chance to be with him because all girls love boys in a band. So Brad and his friends literally have girls falling at there feet.

It was the first lesson of the day, History. I like History, 1 because we are learning about Anne Frank and her diary and 2 because Brad's in my class. I sit a table away from him and his friends so I can listen to what they are saying. I walked into class with my folders full of projects I have been working on for weeks. I placed them down on the table in front of me and sat down next to Taylor. I looked up and saw Brad, James,Tristan and Tristan walk in. Taylor gave out a little smile. I'm sure she has a crush on Connor. They all walked past my table not even looking at me and sat down in there seats.

I found the lesson very interesting as I learnt more about things I didn't know. At the end of every History lesson we would play a game. It's a game to help us remember what we learnt from the lesson. Mr Harris would choose a person to start and he would ask a question to them, they would have to answer it. Then that person would have to ask another person a different question from the next table. 'Okay so I am going to start with Jemma's table' Mr Harris said. He asked her a question about what we had learnt. Jemma then chose Scott to answer a question, then it came to Brad's table. Scott chose Brad to answer the question. This meant that he would choose someone from my table. Brad finished answering his question. I started to jot down more notes from the board as I knew he wouldn't choose me. He would probably choose Jessica. Jessica is one of those girls who are overly confident and pretty. They have everything they want just so they can show off about it. 'Umm... I choose Christine to answer the question.' Brad said. I didn't listen to what he said I carried on writing. 'Hello Christine!' Mr Harris said. I dropped my pencil on the table which rolled onto the floor. 'Oh sorry' I said quietly. 'Bradley, has just chosen you to answer the next question' he said. I started to go bright red. 'Oh right' I said embarrassed. I couldn't believe that Brad had chosen me to answer the question. I know its not a big deal but it feels like it to me.

I answered the question and bent down to pick up the pencil I dropped but I saw another hand reaching down for it. I looked up and noticed I was staring into someone's beautiful brown eyes. I lifted my body back up and noticed they were Brad's. 'Ah, I think you dropped something' Brad said with a small laugh while handing me the pencil. That laugh made me smile, its so cute and unique. 'Oh thank you' I said taking the pencil from him.

Brad's pov:
Finally it was the end of the day. I finally get to go home. I grabbed my stuff from my locker and slammed my locker door shut. I pulled out my phone to text the boys about band practice tonight. I was so focused on my phone that I didn't wanna take any notice on anything else. I heard a few people say 'bye Brad' . I didn't take notice of who they were. I just replied with 'yeah see ya'.

I carried on walking down the corridor until I stopped. I looked up to see Christine. I was so focused on my phone I didn't see where I was going. I looked down to see her folder of work all over the floor. Some pieces of work were torn where I stood on them. 'Im so sorry' I said. She didn't say anything, I didn't expect her to after what I had done. I bent down on the floor to pick the paper up. I was soon joined by Christine. I know how much her work means to her. I see her in class working so hard ti achieve what she wants in life and now i feel so bad. 'I'm really sorry' I said again. 'Its okay' she said quietly. 'Its not. I will make it up to you. Umm...I will help you out with it' I said panicking. 'Really? I didn't think History was really your thing' she said slowly. 'Umm yeah but it can be for you. I tell you what how about you come and watch me and the boys at band practice round my house then I can help you out with the work?' I didn't care what the boys would think of this I just really wanted to help Christine. Shes seams really nice even know I don't know her that well. 'Okay' she said with a smile.

It was a while later and me and the boys are setting up in the garage to practice. Christine would be hear any minute. 'BRAD' I heard my sister Natalie shout. 'YES' I shouted back. 'YOU HAVE A GIRL AT THE DOOR FOR YOU'. I ran out of the garage and round to the front of the house. I saw Christine standing at the front door. 'Hey' I said. She turned and faced me. She looked beautiful, she was wearing a floral patterned dress with flat shoes and a bag. In her bag I could see her broken folder and some books and paper. 'You look lovely' I said sounding shocked. 'Thank you' she said shyly. I lead her into the garage and the boys all said hello to her. I had never told anyone before but I really admire Christine. She knows what she wants in life and knows how to do it. I have never really spoken to her before as I have to use this 'hot lead singer act' and act cool. I arranged with the boys that we would sing shout about it. Shout about it is a song we had finished writing recently. I wanted to sing it as I felt it was a good time to sing it as I meant every word.

After we had finished practicing, the boys went home. Me and Christine went up to my room as I promised I would help her with the History project. 'Hey you know im really sorry about earlier' I said. 'Its okay' she said. Why is she being so kind to me? If it was me I would have had shouted and wouldn't have accepted an apology. 'You know I really like you? Well you probably don't' I said slowly. 'What?' She said. 'Well you know what you want in life, the career and grades. I'm not going to get that. I don't listen in class and don't do any work. That's why i write music' I said looking down to the floor. 'really? Well maybe we could do this as a joint project as you are helping anyway' she said and with that I looked up to her and smiled. If it was anyone else they probably would have laughed at me or something. She was so kind and perfect. I turned and faced her, I stocked my left hand on her right cheek. I leant forward and kissed her. This was a perfect moment

I hope you enjoyed this imagine. If you can tell I got a bit carried away with it thats why its long.

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