3rd POV

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After breakfast

As they walked away from the pavilion Leo brushed his hand against Nico's. He looked up just I time to see Nico blush and he swears it was the cutest thing he had ever seen. The way his cheeks were dusted with pink and his nose scrunched up.

Leo liked this. The way they walked close, how Nico would glance at their hands every few seconds and how the light hit Nico.
Instead of seeing the scary hades kid he saw a young boy. Pale but still had the Italian color to him, delicate features and his dark eyes melted into a chocolate brown.

Don't even get him started on his voice. His voice was like wind chimes. Careful and quiet. Leo loved how you could hear his Italian accent slip through at times. It was the best sound.

That's when it hit Leo like a brick wall. He loved Nico Di Angelo. He froze at this realisation and Nico turned to him with a worried stare.

"Hey are you okay?" He tilted his slightly

"Um yeah totally." Leo's voice cracked

"Are you sure?"

Leo just simply nodded and walked faster. Nico caught up with him and grabbed his hand. A slight shock went through them and they stared at their hands. Nico shook his head and looked at Leo.

"Are you sure you're fine?"

"Yeah thanks for making sure..."

He then kissed Nico's cheek and laced their fingers together. Nico blushed and looked at their hands. Leo just rolled his eyes at him and started walking again.

They're getting there. I think this story will either have 19 or 20 chapters. So just a few left and if you want I could make a sequel or another Leico story because I honestly love them so much and they are OTP AF. As I like 3rd POV a lot better than Leo and Nico so I'll just do that for the rest of the story.
(Song listened to: Shadows by Lindsey Stirling. She's the reason I love dubstep violin because it's freaking amazing, catchy and relaxing for some weird reason. But seriously check her out because she's absolutely amazing!)

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