I'm Sorry..

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"I hate you so much right now.." You said with your arms crossed glaring at him from a distance. He looked at you and shrugged.

Its currently 2:34 in tha morning. You caught your boyfriend Santo trying to sneak in but you were up waiting on his ass.

"So? They lying on me. Damn. I'm tired of hearing tha same shit come out ya mouth."

"Everything was a lie huh Santo? You accidentally texted her back right?" You laughed a little. " Wat happened? You tripped and fell in her pussy?"

He rolled his eyes and rubbed his hand across his face.

"I'm not about to sit here and listen to this. You wanna listen to them listen. I ain't fuck no girl at tha club."

"You a bold face lie!" You yelled as you got up walking over to him. "Quisha said you was in there up in V.I.P. wit that hoe! Then you went to a private room wit that bitch and fucked her!"

He smacked his lips, "Quisha lying! Ian touch that girl! She gave me a lap dance. That's it."

You looked at him for a minute then crossed your arms.

"Let me smell ya dick."

He looked at you like you were crazy.

"Man get out my face wit that shit."

"Nah since you ain't fuck her let me smell ya dick! I can tell!" You stood in front of him as he sat down.

"Tati I'm going to bed." He said while standing up. You pushed him back and grabbed his belt buckle. He grabbed your hands but you neglected.

"Move! Since you ain't lying." He looked down at you as you unbuckled his belt and his pants letting them fall around his knees. You went to your knees and pulled it out his boxers and started sniffing. Nothing. You didn't smell nothing at all. You got up and rolled your eyes.

"Smell good don't it?" He smirked looking at you.

You rolled your eyes and started walking away.

"You prolly washed it off."

You sat on tha couch in tha living room and started texting.

"You still don't believe me?"

You ignored him and continued to text.

"Fuck it. I'm going to bed."

"No you not ! You finna stand yo yella ass right there til you tell tha damn truth!" You yelled getting in his face.

"Girl go sit yo ass down somewhere before them nosey ass neighbors try to get in our business again!" He yell back.

"Fuck you & these neighbors! I hate you!"

"I hate yo ass too!"


"Oh I love you! I love you so much Santo!" You moaned as he hit it from tha back. He smacked your ass biting his lip as he pounded into you.

"Mhm. You love me now huh? You love to show out huh?"

"No Sir! I don't like to show out!"

He chuckled deeply saying, "yes you do. You was gon' have all them neighbors knocking on my door again asking wats wrong wit us."

"I'm sorry! I won't do it no more!" 

"I think you're lying. You say tha same shit every time." He smacked your ass harder. "You're so tight baby.."

"You feel so good daddy.." You whispered looking back over your shoulder. He was looking down concentrating on his thrust.

Your hands gripped tha fuzzy carpet beneath you both as he hit your spot making you throw your head back and let out a long, high pitched moan.

"That's your spot baby?" You felt him smirk through his words.

"Its coming daddy..I'm so close.."

"Me too baby.." He moaned after those words left his mouth.

His hands gripped my hips tightly and his speed increased.

"You gon' get in there & cook me some food & clean up that damn mess you made?" He asked smacking your ass.

"Imma clean up! Imma clean it up daddy!" Your body bounced from his thrust. You felt your self about to cum, so you tightened your walls and let your mouth fall open letting out a loud cry.

"Oh shit!" He groaned and his movements stilled as he came deep inside you as you dripped down your thighs and him onto tha floor.

"Damn boy.." You bit your lip as he pulled out and smacked your ass once again.

"Look Tati..I'm sorry ok.. Imma stop coming in at 3 in tha morning, going to stripclubs. I'm willing to change my ways for you baby."

You smirked at him and nodded saying, "Apology accepted daddy."

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