Chapter 16

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[a/n: this will continue from where it had left off

Oh and....smut]

Chapter 16

Dear Diary,

I miss Luke.

I miss his shinning blue eyes, his bright dimpled smile, his strong arms that would always hold me tightly, giving me warmth and protection.

I just miss him so much.

I gave him everything, my love, my happiness, my virginity...

But now he's gone, and all I want to do is Just run into his arms and stay there, smiling. But I don't think I can do that,  and it hurts me.

I love Luke Robert Hemmings, and I don't think I can ever forget him.

I want him, but he hates me.

- Ash </3


Luke shifted slightly, lightly dusting off his jeans.

"Ash?", Luke whispered softly, caressing Ashton's tombstone gently.

"I miss you babe", The blonde frowned slightly. "I miss you so fucking much, I don't think I can honestly go on without you in my life." Luke sniffled, feeling a few tears gather.

"I gave you everything, My happiness, My love and affection, and as embarrassing as it is, My virginity." Luke blushed lightly.

"I wanted to save it for someone special, and I just knew that that was you, and it made it special knowing I was your first as well." Luke smiled shyly.

"I remember that day all too well, You were so beautiful and I just couldn't get enough of you, I wish I could relive that moment with you." The blonde sighed staring at his hands.

"I remember these hands running down your sides softly, feeling every inch of you with care, That day was never just sex to me, that was the day we made Love to each other", Luke fiddled with his fingers slightly, fully recalling the memory.

[awfully written smut]

"Luke..", Ashton sniffled softly through the phone.

"What's wrong baby boy?", Luke frowned knowing that something wasn't Right and he hated hearing his sunshine cry.

"C-Can you please come over, I-It's raining, I'm home alone and I'm scared of T-Thunder", Ashton whimpered as the sound of thunder roared from the outside.

"It's okay baby, I'll be right over", Luke said while wedging his phone between his cheek and shoulder, slipping on his vans and a coat.

"Thank y-you, I love you."

"I love you too baby", Luke hung up, running out the door, not caring if he would get wet in the rain, Ashton was far more important than staying dry.


"Babe?", Luke spoke softly, carefully opening the door. Ashton ran to Luke, jumping in his arms, hiding his face in the crook of Luke's neck.

"L-Lukey, I was so scared, and the p-power went out", Ashton rambled, slightly shaking.

"It's okay, I'm here Now, you don't need to be scared anymore." Luke smiled as Ashton nodded, kissing his cheek tenderly.

Luke slowly closed the door and walked up the stairs to Ashton's room, still holding the small boy close in his arms.

"L-Luke, Your clothes, t-they're drenched", Ashton pouted.

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