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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 33 ~ Semi Success

They came back in a few hours later, but we had all fallen asleep from exhaustion. I cracked my eyes open when I heard the sound of the front door open and I sat up.

Melody was still fast asleep on the sofa we had placed her on and Severn had half of his body on the sofa as well, the other half on the floor. Giovanni was on top of his covers passed out and Gomez was still asleep too, his half naked body limp and leaning against the side of the other bed.

I quietly got up and left the room, clicking the for shut gently behind me.

Downstairs, Walter was just shutting the front door. Landon was supporting Eli who looked hurt, and Phoenix appeared a little peeved off.

"What happened?" I asked desperately, putting my hands on Phoenix's chest to stop him from walking past me.

"Eli got knifed. That's exactly why I didn't want him coming in the first place." Phoenix replied, stepping past me anyway.

"Its not my fault," Eli moaned squeezing his eyes shut.

"Then who's fault was it?" Phoenix snapped at him.

Eli let out a dry broken sob and Landon told him to ignore Phoenix. Landon led Eli into the kitchen and got out the medical bag I had treated Walter with yesterday. Walter himself was peeling off Eli's hoodie trying not to hurt him.

They looked so serious, I hadn't really seen Landon with a face as straight and emotionless as I did now. Eli was taking short breaths, his face stained with dirt, and his eyes were threatening to shed the tears of pain, but he wouldn't let them fall.

Walter had a prominent dark bruise on his face and Landon had a cut above his eye. Behind me, Phoenix walked down into the basement.

"Owww," Eli clutched onto Landon's arm as Walter removed the hoodie. It was then that I saw the dark patch of red on his left shoulder blade.

I couldn't watch anymore, the smell was making me nauseous. Stumbling back out of the kitchen I hurried downstairs and straight to my room. I splashed some cold water on my face from the sink and went to sit on the end of my bed, breathless. I sat like that for a while then lied down my bed trying to stop thinking about Eli and pain and blood.


The next morning Walter came into my room and sat by the edge of my bed stroking my blonde hair. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, butterflies rising in my stomach. I needed to tell him to stop, but I was afraid of how he would react.

"Morning, I forgot to give this to you but this is your own house key," Walter said, he got up and put it in the top drawer where my necklace was.


He sat back down again and looked down at me. "Are you okay?"

"Yes I'm fine," I answered and pulled him down into my covers.

Walter fell beside me in his awe and beauty. His abs were cut and scratched, but I ran my hands down them anyway. I kissed the tattoo on his hip and Walter wrapped his muscled arms around me.

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