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First Baby

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this is dedicated to katiecraske1323 for being so loyal. 😘😊

"Stay put babe I got you!" Justin said jumping out of the car. I laughed to myself and looked down at our newborn baby boy.

"Daddies a little weirdo baby." I said poking his nose gently. Justin opened my door and helped me out.

He got he carriage out and handed it to me. I pursed my lip together. "What woman? I gotta carry your damn bags. Like you needed this big ass thing why?" He said.

"Boy I gotta look good! And stop cursing around the baby." I said. Justin rolled his neck out and put out his hand. He looked like that girl from that picture.

"Unlock the door!" I said walking to the porch. "And don't drag my luggage." I said.

He picked it up and started carrying it. By the time he got to the porch he was breathing heavy.

"You're a fuckboy." I said grabbing the keys from his hand. I put the carriage on the ground and unlocked the door.

I picked it back up and walked into ye house. "I can't wait to show you your new room babe." I said looking down at Y/S/N.

"New room? We got a new room?" Justin said. "Not you. The baby!" I said rolling my eyes at him.

He nodded and laughed. I shook my head and walked upstairs to the baby's room.

I placed him in his crib and rubbed his belly. "Pretty little baby." I said smiling. He yawned and stretched some.

I leaned down and kissed his head. I turned out his light before turning on the night light we had in his room.

Yeah it's late. The hospital said something was wrong with my stomach before we left.

Nothing was wrong. Them dumb niggas. Ugh. I walked into the hallway and started down the stairs.

"Hey babe!" I said hopping on the couch next to Justin. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hey love bug." He said. "I love you." I said crawling into his lap and kissing him softly.

He put his arms around my waist and pecked my lips gently. "I love you too babe." He said.

"Now let's cuddle and watch Netflix!" He said getting excited. I smiled and nodded quickly.

"Okay babe." I said. Justin picked me up bridal style and carried me to the bedroom.

"What do you wanna watch?" He asked as he set me on the bed. "Uhm uhm Y/F/S please!" I said.

He nodded and turned on the tv. He searched the show and plugged in the laptop.

We don't have that Netflix on the tv shit. But we upgrading. Quickly.

I got under the covers and snuggled the comfy sheets. Justin then ran an jumped in bed with me.

I giggled and lifted up the sheet for him. He slid in and wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to him.

I smiled widely at his affection. The rest of the night was filled with laughter and stolen kisses. And occasional baby cries. From the tv. 😉

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