This is my first time doing a story/book. 🙈 deal with me. 😅😛

Its nothing like living in the hood. So much violence and death. Im surprised I've survived living out here. But when your mother is nothing but hood at heart you have no choice. My name is Corey. Your average light-skin. 5'8 with a set of hair. My mother is full Black and my father is White & Spanish. Im kind of glad that my parents are still together. Most of the families here are just single mothers. Though my mom is can be ghetto, she does have a good mind set. She is attending school for nursing while my father is the typical  dope dealing nigga out here. Sometimes i think I'm adopted cause I'm far from alike my parents. Though at the end of the day. I couldn't ask for nothing better... I do have everything i could ask for.

"Hey Corey"
•"Oh Hey Kylie"
Kylie is one of my best friends here. We've met in middle school and been close together ever sense. She knows everything about me as i do for her.

Kylie is the most prettiest chocolate girl i've seen tbh. Brown skin that shines, nice light brown eyes, and though her hair is a average length she still prefers to wear weave. Straighten, never curly. And her hair color was all jet black, which suited her well. She is 5'6, she has a small sack but it makes up for her butt. Not to big but big.

"So you still fantasizing about Anthony" kylie said while playing with her hair.
•"You know, Im kind of getting to the point where I don't even bother thinking about him any more" sighing as every word being said is true. Anthony was apart of this dope dealing crew. I mean who wouldn't want a tough guy. Anthony was someone i always had my eyes on, but knew it was to good to be true.
"Well let me know when your over him cause from what I'm hearing. Michael likes to fool around on the low"
•"And who told you such strong information?"
"Thats only for me to know and you never to find out." Kylie was that girl who would find something out one way or another. Which was helpful alot.
"Sense tomorrow being our first day back to school. Lets hope our Senior year is different from Junior year"
I couldn't help but laugh. 11th grade was pure hell. Almost everyday there was a fight. And it was because of gang wars or hoes fighting other hoes. I never really mind the drama as long as im not apart of it.

I really should be getting my sleep but the fact that school starts back up tomorrow. I was actually to excited. Meeting new people but also walking around as if i was the shit. Lol. As time flies by i begin to think about how life would be if i was in a relationship. Being Gay or not and all. Kylie was the only one who knew. I just wasn't ready to make it known and felt that is wasn't people's business to know.... I can't lie. Michael was on my mind ever sense Kylie told me about his ways. Michael has the height of a basketball player and who knows how big his Dick is. Anyways... He's basically a fuckboy, who knows how many girls he's fucked. And it has to be a high number cause the looks he has is like an Angel gave birth to him.

Yeah i think its time that i go to sleep. Big day tomorrow. Plus i really had to find a way to rock a uniform. Me and Kylie had already planned to match first day as we always do. White collared shirt with Khakis and white converses. Plus we always share a two seater on the bus. In the mid front. These immature teens specially in our area think its okay to be loud every morning. Though tomorrow is an acception.

Idk how to feel about this. To be honest it was a way to introduce Corey and his close Friend Kylie. Plus if i get good amount of views and feed back I will continue with Chapter 2

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