Starr Books In the Beginning

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It started as simple geneaolgy research.  Then I had a file with 110 Saints that are ancestors, and information about my family.  So I thought how can I share this with everyone?  The first book, Saints Who Left Descendents was written by getting ancestors and descendents of those 110 Saints that are everyone's ancestors out of the genealogy program.  Then I was an immortal author and I felt good.  So to make another book as the problem.  So I thought, why not write a book with the other 250 Saints that are brothers or sisters or some other relationship that are not direct ancestors, but Saints never the less.  So Tree of Saints was written.   The next book was Calendar of Saints, all the Saints from both books combined into one.  Then Major Saints ancestry was written, taking only the major or important Saints, considering I had found many obscure little known Saints.  Now I had a genealogy file and I tried to work out what really happened in Galilee.   There were alot of files on the internet and many of them were insulting to the hebrew people, showing relationships between aunt and nephew etc....  and I thought, is it possible to have the correct way, after all the hebrew were the royalty of the house of David, no incest, adultery, two wives, aunt nephew or uncle niece etc......    Many of the genealogies on the internet had insults to those people in them.  So after about a year of working it out I came up with a file and an idea of the Five Generations Genesis of God, where the Hebrew people took there leader of the house of David, and made a Lord that is invunerable, indestructible, and his people are about insult.  At the time of Galilee all the relationships under control of the High Priest were entirely honorable, except Saint Mary Magdalene's parents were cousins (thus she has been incorrectly slandered for centuries.)  People don't understand this so I published this.  Then I thought about how the relationships were around the time of Babylon so I checked all that out.   I found a wealth of information, some in one genealogy file on the internet and some in another, but no file with it all.  I had taken Ancient Civilizations until 180 AD in College and have always been interested in Egypt, Persia, Greece, India, China, and I found much information on all of them on the internet.  It seems that when lines came together, a great person was born, or made a saint, or a ruler.  I studied the line of Solomon and found ten of the twelve tribes had married the line, while two of the line were unknown on the internet.  I studied the lineage of Sarah and Abraham, and found Solomon's wife Nicole was like Sarah, full of egypt and making of children.  Jeroboam's Karamat was the same as was Shealtials wife Scota.  This went on for years and I had continued daily devotions of the Saints, each day hoping to add a Saint to the genealogy file.  I continued to work in Engineering and fund the business and now had 150 Saints and Blessed that venerate, 600 Saints in the file, and 50 Blessed, 35 Popes, Archbishops of Canterbury etc.....    There really is a way all the civilizations can get along and live together, the lines from all the ancient cultures have come together before, and a knowledge of them is important to someone that is interested.  So I continued to publish, and got more publishers, including Xlibris, CreateSpace, Lulu, Kobo, Mobi Pocket, breaking into e books and online book stores.   My internet presence grew and continues to grow, however with millions of web sites one or two sites is a small drop in the bucket.   Latest is Smashwords,  and Google ebooks.   Hopefully this will help me get the ideas out to those interested.   I published books on Knighthood, with the secrets of Galilee and the common law, the ranks and how they work and different introductions to philosophies.  The books had gone from simple lists of Saints, where the reader does genealogy research or just reads about the saints, to books about religious secrets guarded by clergy, not to be exposed to the innocent, and if the innocent is exposed guilt is incurred on the teacher.  The books as published seem to stand up to the tests of the clergy and the neophyte, and the number of books sold increases as time goes on.   Now the company is still making progress, however all the ancient civilizations are covered, the time of galilee is covered, the majority of Saints in the Tree has been found, and the books are out there waiting for the reader to become enlightened by them.  The secrets exposed by the Priests at Mass are published, with insights into how the civilizations have preserved themselves. 

Starr Books is looking for marketing skills and sales people to carry on the work, with only commision to offer and someone to take up the opportunities here presented.  The books have been written, an engineer mensa learning the english major world seems to be difficult for me, and that interferes with what these books have to offer to anyone interested in the Christian Religion. The offering is either at the beginning level with Saints, or the more complicated level with common law of Galilee applied thru the people named after the apostles, kings, and saints, to the complex world of the the Priest and the Knight, providing for all the people in a modern, mechanized, fast paced culture.  See

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