17 Fading Zen

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Once the flight touched down in LAX, he managed to find his driver holding the sign that said "Tomlinson" and got in the taxi.  When he turned his phone on, he saw a couple texts from Harry and Niall.

Hope you sang the beatles all flight long!

Fly safe love!

Hey! Ill make sure Harry keeps Gary alive. Have a good trip and enjoy your retreat :D

He was lucky to have good friends.

He typed a response back to Harry.

Found my driver. Omw to the hotel. And yes I did have the fucking beatles stuck in my head thanks to u, u moron.

After he sent it, he responded with a simple 'thank you' back to Niall.  When he was checked into the hotel, he dropped his bags off with the bellboy and went straight for the cafe.

He ordered orange juice and the nicest fish dish they served. 

After dinner he went up to his hotel room and called Harry.  They talked on the phone for a good two hours before Harry made Louis hang up and go to bed. 


Louis woke up to a wake up phone call from the hotel.  He held the phone to his ear.

"Mr. Tomlinson, this is your courtesy wake up call.  It is 6-o'-clock now.  Your first meeting starts at 6:30."

Good fucking hell.  He should have gone to bed earlier.

"Thank you so much."  His voice came out more as a croak.

The line went dead and he got up to take a shower and get dressed.  He grabbed his day bag and made his way down to the lobby. 

Being one of the first persons in the conference room, he took the liberty of introducing himself to the other two people there.  Two very nice women and an older, but still attractive guy; all ran different spas under the same cooperation as Serenity. 

10 minutes later and everyone filed in and Louis was handed an itinerary.  The first half of his days would be meetings.  The second half would be hands on.

The theme for the retreat was Thai Massage.  Louis smiled to himself. 

The leader stood up in front.  She was an attractive woman in her late fifties.  "Hello and welcome!  I'm Diane. I hope you all slept well last night.  Let's hop right into things here, okay?  Do any of you have any experience or training in Thai Massage?  Please stand, state your name and qualifications."

Louis and one other girl stood up.  He nodded for her to speak first.

"I'm Candice.  Licensed massage therapist for seven years.  Took a three day training course on Thai Massage."

She sat down.  The attention turned to Louis.  "Hello, I'm Louis.  Licensed massage therapist for three years.  Studied as an apprentice in Thailand for a year with the focus being Thai Massage." 

Whispers were heard throughout the room.  Louis offered a big fake smile then sat down. 

Diane spoke again.  "Very impressive Louis.  You and Candice will be the group leaders for the second portion of our days.  We really want to start incorporating Thai Massage into our spas.  The reason for our knowledge of Eastern Practices is to start practicing it.  Now I know it's a little foreign to our culture, and possibly just as foreign to you spa managers.  I know not all of you are massage therapists.  But this is something everyone will benefit from which is why this has been chosen by headquarters as the focus for this weeks retreat!"

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