Chapter 37- Can't get enough of you

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When Harper woke up last, she found herself embraced in two arms upon the couch. Gently turning her head gently, James was still sound asleep and he made no movement as Harper gently moved his arms to sit up. Her hair was the state of bed head and she was sure she didn't exactly look a sight this morning. She almost jumped at her own reflection in the glass windows opposite her, her top was halfway down and giving a lot to look at. Buttoning up the few buttons upon her blouse, Harper gently lifted off the couch not wanting to wake sleeping beauty beside her. However as she did, she jumped out her skin when she felt a gentle slap on her bum.

She squealed turning rapidly around to meet a half-woken James grinning as he sat up. "Morning." He smirked, the material upon his shirt stretching as he did so. Harper frowned about to protest back when he grabbed her waist pulling her onto his lap. "James!" She laughed, failing to remain mad at him. Then doing so, brought his lips to hers. Harper surrendered wrapping her arms around his neck as he leaned more into her, refusing to allow her to gasp for air.

A cough not far from them, immediately made them break free. Manny stood smiling politely as she held a newspaper in her hand. James allowed Harper to jump off his lap as he stood up, then raked his hand through his ruffled hair.

"Morning Manny, great day isn't it?" He smiled, approaching her as she passed him the newspaper. "You won't mind cooking for another?" Jerking the newspaper over to Harper who was at that instant blushing in embarrassment. Manny was about to answer however Harper beat her to it as she muttered. "No, I need to get back home anyway." James frowned. "How come? Manny won't mind." Harper smiled politely to him. "I need to change besides I need to get back to my friends who will be worrying." She narrowed her eyes at him. James sighed. "Just for one Manny, I'll have the usual." Manny nodded heading straight off leaving James alone with Harper once more.

"Do you have to go?" He whined. Harper nodded as she headed out towards the hallway with James following after. He met her at the front door where her back halted as it met the coldness of glass. He grinned, leaning in as he pecked her lips slowly. Harper closed her eyes indulging in the feeling of it all.

"Need a lift?" He asked. Harper shook her head. "No, I'll call a taxi, wouldn't want anyone getting any strange suspicions." Cocking her eyebrow at him she turned opening the door though she didn't reach far as he embraced her from behind, tormenting her as he kissed her neck. "James..." She said, breathlessly. He continued to do so making her squeal in delight. "James! I have to go!" He groaned letting her go as she walked off down the driveway.

He wolf whistled as he leaned on the doorframe, instantly making Harper blush but join in the fun as she turned walking backwards, holding her middle finger up at him for a second. Then escaped quickly as he challenged her by his bemused face and making a step forward outside.


When Harper reached back to her apartment she was barricaded in a flash by Dani. "Where were you? Duke had phoned me worried sick. You didn't answer your phone nor give any reason why you wouldn't be at home last night!" She yelled. Harper sighed walking straight onto the kitchen as she took out a bottle of orange juice and gulped it back.

"Harper?" Dani said, refusing to leave her alone. Harper rolled her eyes as she grumbled. "Sure Duke was worried. I was at a friend's okay? Stop bugging me, I have work." Where was this attitude coming from Harper thought feeling bad as she moved towards her room and barely missing Duke who had a towel wrapped around his bottom half as he exited from the bathroom.

"Hey! Where were you!" Duke demanded joining in with Dani as they followed her until they could no further as Harper slammed the door as soon as she entered her room. Dani banged her fists against the door as she shouted. "Harper Daniels. Get your arse out of there now. You have explaining to do!" Harper grabbed fresh set of clothes from her wardrobe then grabbed her towel before opening the door to meet two angry faces.

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