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Megatron: That was so beautiful. *Sobs and gets a tissue and blows on it*

Wideye Prime: Oh, thanks. :) You know we just best buddies. *Grabs Ratchet and hugs him*

Megatron: :) *Changes his face into a serious face and gets his gun and points to Prime and Ratchet* Now tell me coordinates of this place and I will be on my way.

Ratchet: Over my dead body! I won't. *Walks forward while Prime tries to hold him back*

Megatron: Then you will shall be one with the allspark! *Charges his gun*

Wideye Prime: Weight! *Gets a weight*

Megatron: *Stops*

Wideye Prime: Stop! *Points at the stop sign*

Ratchet: Where did you get that sign?

Wideye Prime: *Ignores Ratchet* This is pointless. *Bends his index finger down.*

Megatron and Ratchet: ???

Wideye Prime: Let us be friends not enemies.

Megatron: But I am your enemy.

Ratchet: Exactly for once I agree  with megabrows here. *Points at Megatron*

Megatron: *Glares at Ratchet*

Wideye Prime: Let us be kind to each other and give hugs. *Hugs Ratchet then goes to Megatron with opened arms*

Megatron: Wait what the heck! No! Stop please! *Receives a hug*

Ratchet: *Rolls his eyes* I needed that.

Megatron: What did I just experienced right now?

Wideye Prime: It is call a hug. It's power is great.

Megatron: Power? It felt great! I feel happy now.

Wideye Prime: Use it well.

Megatron: I shall use this power to invade the whole world! Bye guys! *Goes out and conquers the world with hugs.

Ratchet: What have you done?! *Looks at Prime*

Wideye Prime: I taught him well.

Hey guys what Prime did back there about the weight thing was not made up by me it was made up by a youtuber named Ryan Nigahiga he is awesome. I recommend you to check his videos it is really funny! And thats what I wanted to say so bye! :)