1~Somebody That I Used To Know

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~Serena's P.O.V~

I opened my eyes to the sound of my phone going off. I grabbed it and immediately shut it off. I climbed out of bed and walked over to my drawers, grabbing my usual outfit. It was a black shirt with a white collar, along with my red pleated skirt. I quickly slipped into them, before rummaging through my drawers for some socks. I took out some black over - the - knee socks and pulled them onto my feet. I find my black high tops with the pink design and stepped into them. I then grabbed my pink hat with the black ribbon off my hat stand and placed it on my head. I examined myself in the mirror, before exiting my room to find breakfast.

Mum had served out a plate of French toast for me, which I quickly munched down. I then ran back upstairs to pack my bag, not wanting to be late for the bus yet again. I didn't even bother to glance at my timetable, and just threw in any exercise books I could find. I shoved in my lunch and threw my bag onto my back. I grabbed my phone and earphones, and left the house with a quick goodbye to mum. At the gate to my house, my best friend, Calem Xavier awaited for me. His face lit up when he saw me.

"Good morning, Serena! Not late today?"

"Just. C'mon, the bus will be at the stop soon." I replied

We quickly walked to the bus stop to be met with Dawn Berlitz, my other best friend.

"Hey, Serena! Calem!" She cried.

"Hi." The bus turned the corner and stopped infront of me. I stepped on and grabbed a seat, which Dawn swiftly bet Calem to the spot next to me.

"So, Monday. The worst day in the history of days." Dawn stated. I sighed. "I'm just glad I made the bus."

The bus stopped at the next town, and our friends Kenny, Lucas and Brendan stepped on. The next stop our friends May, Iris, Misty and Drew stepped on. We then stepped out of the bus and walked into the gates of Silverglow High, our big group becoming bigger as Clemont, Barry and Gary joined us.

"So have you heard?" Misty announced. "We're getting a new classmate!"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah! I'm not sure what his name is yet, but Miette told me he's starting today."

"Miette, 'ey? Since when do we trust Miette?" I snarled. Miette and I have been enemies since as long as I can remember. Something about her just ticked me off.

"Oh c'mon, why would she lie about this? Plus, I asked one of the teachers about it yesterday who confirmed it."

"Ugh, fun. Yet another person to get in my way." May whined. The bell sounded and we made our way to Roll Call.


I sat in my usual Roll Call seat, which was in the front by myself as none of my friends are here with me. My teacher, Miss Valerie began marking the roll as our deputy walked in with the new kid that Misty was talking about. He had raven black hair, with a red cap over it. He was wearing a blue shirt with a white design, and dark grey pants. He had red and black fingerless gloves on his hands. This boy... I knew him from somewhere...

"Sorry for interrupting, but you have a new student joining your class. His name is Ash Ketchum."

It's him! The boy from all those years ago! He was the one who helped me at Professor Oak's summer camp!

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