XOXO, Kristen

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Saturday, August 23

Dear Diary,

Don't expect me to do any of that Dear Diary stuff. That is for pathetic losers who don't have any friends and all they do is talk about guys who don't notice them and popular girls who are mean to them and go out with the guys they like and so on. Well, I'm that popular girl and I'm probably in a lot of girls diaries now that I think about it. And the only reason I'm writing this book is to look back on how cool I was in 10th grade because tomorrow is the last day of summer . I probably will publish this so all the losers will know how it is to be on top.

Let's get back to my favorite subject: me! I'm a tan blonde with gorgeous blue eyes. I'm your typical teenage popular girl with a hot boyfriend named Josh who has a popular twin named Jake. Josh is the star quarterback for our school (again, typical popular person) and Jake is the star goalie for the soccer team (again, t.p.p.) and is dating my best friend Bella. Bella is a redhead who looks like a pretty storybook princess. She is the second most popular girl in the school (under me) and my second in command. Then there's Alana, a beautiful Latina who me and Bella don't speak to anymore since she tried to steal my popularity throne, but she still manages to get third most popular girl because of three things: popular boyfriend, beauty, and cheerleading status. We all go to Palmetto High. Which again, w are starting tomorrow! G2G, dinner with my family. TTYL! XOXO,


Sunday, August 24

Here is a summary of how my last day of summer was spent (I tried to make it as realistic as I could.) "Bella, come on!" I yelled. Bella was brushing her hair and annoyingly picking the junk in between her teeth. "What's the rush, Kristen? I thought it was cool to be fashionably late." Bella she snapped back and went back to brushing her hair. "Not today! It's the last day of the summer and I'm dying to get in the pool and show off my new bikini. It's hot!" I saw Bella roll her eyes. "What's hot, the bikini or the weather?" "Both." I replied with a grin. (Note to Losers: ALWAYS b full of yourself because it convinces others you are on top plus, boys love it!

I checked my long, silky blond hair in the mirror for any out of place hair one last time before I ran out the door.

When we walked into Gardens Country Club (we call it GCC) I took off my green cover-up, to reveal my new fantastic white bikini. Bella did the same. A few of the guys whistled. Bella and I exchanged knowing looks, the guys always did that. Then a whistle came from behind us, we turned to see Josh and Jake Stevens. They were fraternal twins and me and Bella's boyfriends. Josh is mine and in my perspective, the hottest twin. Today, however, he was looking absolutely gorgeous with his tan skin on his white bathing suit. His blondish, brownish hair was looking really cute and barely missed his sparkling blue eyes. "Hey." I said in a sexy tone, giving Josh a quick kiss and hug. "I love your new suit! We match!" he exclaimed, staring at my white suit in awe. "Oh, this old thing," I said, "I found this at the bottom of my drawer and just slipped it on." I did not want him to know the effort I went through to look as stunning as I did. I love white; it really shows off your tan!

Me and Josh have this little tradition of holding hands and jumping in the water before Bella and Jake. We don't know why, but we've been doing it all summer. We didn't make today an exception; soon we were all wet and splashing Bella and Jake urging them to get in. Bella always hates getting in, so Jake always ends up pushing her in. Once we were all in, me and Bella got on Josh and Jake's shoulders and did a chicken fight, which is where we have to push each other off of our boyfriend's shoulders. That's what we did for a few hours until we decided to quit and go get frozen yogurt. At about 6:30 we said good-bye, gave them a kiss, and returned home. I laid out my outfit; it was a pretty hot-pink tank with a denim mini-skirt and a gold belt. I took out my backpack and but all of my new school supplies into it. My backpack was more of a purse then a backpack but it was cute, candy colored, and was big enough to hold all of my books. After I did all that I checked my watch, it was 9:30. I realized that I need to make an early start to my day, so I went upstairs and wrote in my popular book (let's call it pb for short). That's what I'm still doing right now. Now I'm done. Well, Nighty night.

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