Romance in Italy - 15

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I'm kissing my Chemistry teacher!

The harsh reality of it all crashed upon me and my eyes widened in surprise and shock. I pulled away, face red and panting. I realized with horror that the door was open during the entire event and hastily slammed it close. As I passed the mirror over the vanity table, I lifted my fingers to touch my swollen, red and bruised lips. I smiled grimly and sidled over to a sitting Ashton. I stood in front of him, head cocked, hips jutted to one side.

An uncomfortable silence passed between the two of us.

“You were a horrible kisser.” Ashton smirked.

And the silence was broken as indignation and embarrassment swept over me. A blush crept up my neck and stained my cheeks a rosy hue. I cleared my throat and glared. I figured I wasn't the best kisser because I've only been kissed twice! But how he said that so bluntly and straightforward made me feel like I was the most horrible person he's ever kissed. Whereas, him, on the other hand, was probably showered with kisses from women. The thought, despite the horribleness of it all, made me clench my hands in outrage; the idea of him kissing anyone besides me, I know, I'm sick, we've been over that, made me want to scream in anger. Ashton kissing Judith had made me want to punch her but at the time, I was to heartbroken to really care.

“Right. Of course.” I said sarcastically. “Why don't you run back to Judith. I'm sure she's a hell better kisser than I am.”

He stood and lifted up my chin. I refused to look at him and stared at a spot on the wall. “Look at me.”

“Why should I? I don't want to see your ugly face right now.” I lied smoothly.

Ashton suddenly grinned. “You sure seem to love my ugly face when you were kissing it.”

I fumed and scowled, pushing his hands away from my chin. “Shut up.” I spied my tote bag and grabbed it, hoisting it on my shoulder. I headed for the door. “I gotta go.” I mumbled and headed for the door.

Ashton grasped my arm and spun me to a stop. “Where are you going?”

“To Eddie and Max? We have plans to hang out together. You were there.” I wrenched my arm away and crossed my arms. “Go make out with Judith.” I forced through gritted teeth.

He sighed and hung his head. “I was kidding about that.”

“Whatever.” I said stiffly. I opened my mouth to retort something witty but when his lips pressed against mine, my words were lost to me. I moved my lips in sync with his and entangled my hands in his hair. He grunted as he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. A ragged sound escaped from my mouth as his mouth trailed down my neck. The dreamlike haze cleared and rationality was able to slip through. “S-stop!” I stuttered, which made my command all the more unconvincing. I untangled my legs and hopped down, legs wobbly and unsteady. “I'm supposed to be mad at you and you do this!”

Ashton laughed and puckered his lips.

I scowled and moved for the door. “I'm going now.”

A stern gaze slid onto his face. “We'll talk about this when you get back.”

I shrugged, my heart hammering despite my nonchalant demeanor. “Whatever.” I vaguely remembered Max telling me his hotel room number and started for the elevator. I walked to his room when the doors slid opened and knocked spasmodically. My fist was in midair when the door was flung open and I was pulled in.

“What the hell happened to you?” Eddie demanded.

I scrunched up my face and sighed. “It was wishful thinking when I hoped you guys wouldn't bring it up.”

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