12. Mike Fuentes (The Night is Still Young..)

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Requested by: thats0erynne

Hi I was wondering if I could have a cute Mike Fuentes imagine? You guys get into a fight and then mike says some really mean stuff then the girl calls Vic to pick her up and before Vic gets there mike apologizes

Sure! Sorry if its crappy XP its 5 am...- Hallie


(Y/N) = Your Name

I slam the cabinet shut and turn to Mike. "I don't care if you're tired from hanging out with the guys, the least you could do is help me." I sigh and run a hand through my hair as I walk over to the fridge. 

Mike mumbles something and I quickly turn around. "What was that?!" I purse my lips and go up to him. "Mike if you have something to say spit it out.." I say, grinding my teeth. He flips a page in the magazine he is looking through, finally he looks up.

"I just wish you would stop be a bitch lately (Y/N), what happened to you?" Mike said. He throws down the magazine in his hand. I look at him for a second before I throw the dish in my hand at the wall behind his head. 

"I'm the bitch? Are you fucking kidding me?" I laugh and begin to pull at my hair. "Mike I do everything around the house while you're on tour and hanging with the guys...We've been together for 4 years...we are trying to start a family.." I shake my head. "I can't do this.." I sigh and walk away. 

"Where the fuck are you going (Y/N)?" Mike says behind me. I can hear him pick up pieces of plate. "Will you answer me for Christs sake?!" He yells. I go at the top of the stairs and turn around. 

"Mike this is getting ridiculous, I can't keep doing this.." I can feel myself begin to tear up. "I'm tired of cleaning after your mess." 

"My mess?! (Y/N), you are the fucking mess!" Mike says. I feel a tear go down my cheek and I go into the bathroom, locking myself inside. I pull out my phone and quickly dial Vic's number. 




"Hi Vic.." I sniffle and bit my lip.

"(Y/N), whats wrong?"

"Mike and I got into another argument...can you get me?"  I begin to cry again. 

"I'm on my way.." 

I hang up and walk out of the bathroom, heading towards the bedroom to pack a bag. I can feel Mike staring at me as I grab a bag from the closet. He walks over to me and hugs me from behind. He kisses my neck and I cry again. 

"Shh..love, its okay..I'm sorry...I shouldn't have said any of that.." He whispers into my neck. I sigh and nod. I drop the bag and turn around to face Mike. 

"I'm sorry I threw the plate at you.." I say looking away from him. I hug him and lean my head against his chest. I look up at him and lightly place a kiss on his lips. "I love you Mike.."

"I love you, (Y/N)..lets go cuddle and watch a movie.." I nod and quickly shoot a text to Vic saying everythings okay. I felt a lot better now. 

Sorry if its shitty! Enjoy!

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