Chapter Six - This Means War

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            "Yeah, let’s hope the plan goes without a hitch."

            "We’re here!" she squealed. "We’ll be inside in two minutes. Where do you want us to meet you?"

            "Near the refreshments table," I said, looking towards the front door so I could flag them down.

            "Be right there." The dial tone sounded and I put the phone back in my clutch and found them waving frantically at us near the front door, palming their coat off to the guy hosting this party, Blake Welch. Abby shucked off her green peacoat, and Tristan handed Blake his classy brown leather jacket.

            They made their way to us and Abby wrapped me in a tight hug, attempting to suffocate me. "Abby, Tristan, this is Emilie and Alyra.’

            She let me go and made their introductions to each other while I scoped out the scene. Matt was laughing over something Cole said. Time to do this.

            "Good luck, Tristan," I said, nudging him in Cole’s direction.

"Already?" he asked, looking surprised, and a little disappointed. "We just got here."

"Late," I reminded him gently. "We have to start now to get it ready in time."

            Tristan quickly kissed Abby on the cheek. "Love you, babe. See you in a second."

            He weaved his way through the crowd, and I saw Annie go to the stereo and turn the sound down just as Tristan met Cole. She was in on the plan too, and she had to hit that sound button just in time. Too soon and people would get agitated and not listen to the conversation that was about to go down before us. Too late and people would get confused. I took a deep breath and watched the drama unfold.

            "How could you do this to me?!" Tristan shouted, pushing Cole’s shoulders and shoving him back with enough force to make Cole stumble ungracefully and knock into a couch where two people had just been intensely making out, and had now stopped to see what was happening.

            Everyone turned just in time to see what was going on. Good, we had their attention. Nobody wanted to miss the next confrontation between the Bad Boy and somebody else. Rumours would be flying high as a kite on Monday.

            "Whoa, dude," cried Cole, almost falling over, his cup dropping to the floor and sugary brown liquid oozing out of it.  I hoped Blake's parents had a good dry-cleaning service. Their carpet was gonna need it. "Who the Hell are you?"

            The girl next to him, whom he had been flirting with all night, looked between them in confusion, her blue eyes rolling between the two of them.

            "Don’t pretend you don’t know me!" he cried, his voice wobbling with emotion. Wow, Tristan was a good actor. "I know you said we should keep the relationship private, but... I really thought you loved me."

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