The thermometer says 93° but it feels like a hundred. I walk over to the control box for the air conditioner and the screen is black.

"Mom! Is the AC broken?" I ask hoping the answer isn't yes.

"Yep, we're heading over to the Summers' house until the repair man comes." She calls as she comes down the stairs with a small suit case.

"What's that for?" I ask worriedly.

"The repair man won't be here for at least two days, so Mrs Summers offered us a cool place to stay for the time being, it's very sweet of her. Go pack a few nights worth of clothes though ok? And don't forget some swim trunks." She explains and I mentally scream.

I haven't talked to Avery in three weeks and now I'm going to be living in her house. I quickly pack a bag of necessities and head downstairs to meet my mom. I'm hoping that if I'm forced to live in her house I might wear her down enough so she'd listen to the explanation of what actually happened the night of the Halloween party.

"You ready?" She asks grinning from cheek to cheek.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I dead pan and we walk across the street.

"Joann!" My mom greets and they hug.

"Margaret! Please, come in." Avery's mom walks in with my mom. "Oh, Brett honey, you'll be sleeping in the office, it's upstairs." She points and starts talking with my mom again.

I take my bag up the stairs, I wonder if Avery knows I'm staying literally next door to her?

"Brett?!" She says shocked to see me as I reach the top of the stairs-I guess she wasn't informed.

"Heyyyy." I greet awkwardly as I step into her door way.

"What are you doing in my house? With a luggage?"she asks skeptically as she sits up on her bed.

"Our AC broke down and your mom offered to let us stay here until ours gets fixed." I explain, she's wearing a sports bra and some short black spandex.

I try my hardest to not check her out but I have barely seen her or talked to her for three weeks and the first time I do this is what I get to see?

"Hey perv my eyes are up here." She tisks waving her arms around I front of my face, when did she get there?

"Yeah what?" I ask looking back up at her eyes trying to do anything but stare at her body. What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Were you checking me out?" She asks holding back laughter, I don't get time to respond as she breaks into a full on guffaw she grabs my shoulder so she doesn't fall over.

"Oh shut up princess." I say playfully shoving her.

"Whatever." She rolls her eyes but I can tell once she turns around that she's smiling.

I have really missed this. But isn't she supposed to be mad me?

"Aren't you supposed to be mad me?" I ask her as I walk into her room and sit down on the desk chair.

"Do you want me to be mad at you? Because I can..." she asks hesitantly but she's still smiling.

"No I'm all good. I like seeing you smile." I say as a goofy grin reaches across my face I missed seeing her beautiful smile.

"Well you're kind of in my house, so I'd rather not have a rivalry going on?" She smirks at me and I roll my eyes.

"Go unpack." She tells me an I listen not saying anything else, I don't want to push things too far, I'm lucky we're even talking.

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