Zack- Jealously

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Ding! My laptop sounded. I opened it to see a message from my brother, whom I haven't seen for three years because of the military. I gasp with excitement and Zack walks into the room,
          "Why are you so happy?" He smiles and looks at my computer screen. My brother and I have different last names because of different fathers. "Hey, are you busy this weekend? Love you!" Zack read out loud, anger growing more clear in his voice with every word. When Zack was angry it was best to let him get everything out and then it's your turn to yell back.
            "What the hell is that, Y/N? Do you think this is some game? Are you fucking cheating on me? I can't believe this. I love you with all my heart and this is what you do? How could you do that!" He yells, tears already streaming down his face. I take a step closer just for him to take a step back and start explaining.
            "That is my brother, Jason. I've told you about him. I'm sorry I never seemed to mention the fact we had different last names." I explain, guilt forming in the pit of my stomach.
            "Yeah, sure. He's probably one of your fuck buddies and that's the plan you formed. To tell me he was your brother." Zack says. I can tell he's trying to sound confident, but his tough façade soon comes when he falls to the floor, his body racking with sobs. "Zack! What I'm saying is true. I would never cheat on you and you know that! I love you with all my heart!" I say bending down and sitting in front of him, wiping away the tears that are still flowing. He swats my hands away, and stands up. Anger once again courses through his eyes.
"What the fuck did I do Y/N? Huh? You are such a skank!" He yells, and a searing pain shoots through the left side of my face. I gasp aloud.
"You fucking jerk! Get out of here! He is my brother and guess what? You're not my boyfriend anymore!" I yell at him pointing at the door.
"Y-Y/N!" He tries to apologize but gets nowhere as I take a step closer and point to the door again. He drops his head and hurries towards the door but just before he makes it out, he turns and looks at me saying a quiet "I'm sorry," and leaves.
I break down again. Dropping to the floor where Zack once did and sob until I'm not sure I can anymore. I thought he was the one. I think to myself. I hear the doorbell ring and think it's Zack. I'm ready to tell him off when I open the door and a young delivery man stands in front of me. "Here's your Chinese food. It's already been prepaid." He smiles at me.
"Thanks." I say shortly, taking the food and closing the door. I take all the food out and make myself a plate when I hear another knock at the door.
"Yes?" I say, expecting the teenager, but seeing Zack upon me.
"Y/N, hear me out. I searched the guy and I learned you weren't lying." I give him the most done face I could make.
"And I don't know what the hell I was thinking- slapping you. I was mad and I thought you deserved it but really I was the one who deserved it and I can't handle seeing you in pain, knowing it was I who caused it. Please, consider what I said, I can't live without you." He says, turning around to leave. He almost makes it down the stairs before I interrupt him. "Wait." I say. He turns with hopeful eyes. "You can come back, but we need to talk. What you did wasn't acceptable, but I can see why you thought what you thought." I'm cut off by him running at me and grabbing me in his arms, basically engulfing me in his chest. "I'm so sorry babe, I love you so much." He saying with the most emotion in his voice. My rice! I squirm out of him tight embrace and run into the kitchen. My food had gone cold.
"Fuck," I say outloud. I turn and see Zack still standing at the door, waiting to hear me say if he can stay or not.
"Well? What are you waiting for? You did buy this." I say to him smiling. He give me a confused look.
"I didn't buy it?" He says reaching his hand in the brown bag and taking out a small note.
"I got you your favourite, love your brother." Zack reads outloud. Realization dawns over me. I hear a car pull up and look out my window. My brother was here! I run as fast as I can to the drivers door and pull him into my arms.
"I missed you, Jase!" I yell, earning laughter from both in front of me and behind. I turn around to see Zack standing there. "How come I didn't get that when I came home from tour?" He says with a slight pout.
"Oh c'mon. You got an amazing greeting. I ran across the airport and jumped into your arms." I retaliate. Jase and Zack laugh and greet each other, but Jase pulls him in and whispers something, making sacks face go pale.
"Well, let go eat!" Jase yells skipping inside.
"What did he say to you?" I question.
"Oh, it was nothing." Zack smirks at me, pulling me into his side

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