"Drew was pretending to be me on the phone and told Hannah I loved her." I run my hand through my face stubble that really needs to be shaved.

My brothers eyes widen, "what did she say back?"

"They hung up on her." Missy pops off from the kitchen while the four of us are sitting at the dinner table.

"Why are you still here?" Cole snaps at her.

"I won't leave until you kiss me." She crosses her arms under her chest, makes her boobs stick out more then they really do, I have a feeling she's doing that on purpose. I look over at my brother who isn't listing to her, he's totally staring at her chest. "Cole!" I bark at him.

"How did you see that?" He cracks half a smile and all the guys laugh.

"See what?" Missy says with a fake pouty face. I hate it when chicks do that.

"Nothing." Drew, Adam, Cole and I all say at the same time, that makes us all laugh.

"I'm not leaving here until I get a kiss." She jumps up on the counter and sits on it.

"Could you get your ass off my counter? I make love..I mean food there." Clearly Drew said that on purpose.

Missy's face is priceless and It makes all of us bust into laughter. We get so loud that Kelsey is yelling at us to keep it down. "Can't you just go home?" Adam asks her.

"Not without a kiss I won't." She smirks.

"Shane go kiss her." Cole elbows me.

"Are you trying to get me sent to jail?"

"Okay,I didn't say rape her." He says dryly and rolls his eyes.

Claire gets off my brothers lap and kisses one of Missy's legs. I've got such a cute kid.

"Try again boys." she says and looks at her watch and does a fake yawn like she's been waiting forever.

Adam gets up and I though he was going to just do it so that she would go home but he walks right back her. I though he was going to go get Kels but he comes back two seconds later. I'm not sure what he has up his sleeve.

Adam pushes Missy's legs apart so that he could wrap his arms around her waist because she's still sitting on the counter, just in a different place. She wraps her arms around Adam's neck and he whispers something to her, her only response his is giggle and they start to kiss. And it isn't a peck either, it's a real kiss. The longer they go on the more in depth their kiss gets. You can see a peek of tongue and Cole looks like he's going to shoot both of them down. Adam shouldn't have done that, yeah him and Cole trade off girls. but you have to at least ask first, I mean it's the bro code.

Honestly, I'm not sure why Adam would go and full on make out with Missy. Maybe my brother did something to piss him off and this is Adam's way of getting even. I see Missy's hands going into Adam's jeans. There is no way in hell that Adam would stop her, he's too much of a man whore. But I feel like I better do something before this get's out of hand. I text Kelsey.

"I'm not running a whore house! Leave now!" She shouts at Missy and her and Adam break apart, finally.

"Okay, sorry." She mumbles grabs her things and runs out the door.

"Sorry.."Adam trails off so that only Kelsey can hear him.

"Come on Claire, boys are yucky."

Kelsey turns around and heads back to her room, Claire follows. I look over at Cole who's looking at Adam with his daggers for eyes.

"What was that?" Cole asks. He sounds like a girl. If they fight I'm afraid of it being a fist fight, Cole's boys just can't take that right now. He somehow is managing to act like he's not in any pain but I know he is.

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