chapter 3

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Justin p.o.v
I wake up and selena wasn't next to me I start to think adout last night I close my eyes and bite and relieved last night
"DDDDDDDDDDDDDaddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyy pleaseeeeeeeee"I smirked because I knew what selena wanted she want to ride
"please what?" I could tell she was getting frustrated and slammed into her harder and harder she screamed
"Daddy please let me ride you please "she said
"Fine Baby but you have to be good "she pushed me down on the bed and get on top of me and rud Jerry against Katy
"Baby that feels good"I moaned she started ridding liking crazy she started
Flashback over
I'll snap out of my flash back I felt somebody get on me I open my eyes to see Selena on top of me she was wearing a jersey that I was going to give her to wear at the races that says Bieber's girl
"Morning baby"selena said
"You should wake me up like this everyday "she giggled she went to get up
" where you going"
"to get your breakfast"she said I pulled her back down and cuddle. She lay on my chest
"Baby I'm going to get your breakfast"she said get up
She came back with my breakfast and give me it to me
"You look sexy in my Jersey baby "she smiled at me I finished eating and take it down stair then came back
"I'm going to take a shower "selena said she took a shower she come out
"We need to talk "she nodded
"Well this is our room you stay here when I say or when their a races and on the weekends and to races you have to wear my jersey and stays next to the boys "she nodded
5 hours
"Selena come on we have to we will be later"she ran down stair wear Jersey and tight jeans i grad her hand and walked to the car
Selena p.o.v
We got to the race justin is with the guys I'm going to talk to the girl
"Oh my God Sel are you ok?"demi said
"Where have you been "Taylor said hugging me then I told them everything
"Selena get some"demi said I laugh
Racer 5 minutes until Racing time tonight racer are Joe Jones vs Justin beiber
"Hi bieber fbsvg right?"
"Yea that me why"I ask
"I'm the own of this place I'm zayn and are?"zayn said
"I'm selena"he grad and kissed it
"Well selena how would you like to be the flag girl" zayn nodded
"Ok come with me " zayn said pulling me to the starting line and give me the checkered flag and explain what I had to I nodded and get ready
Racer to the starting line
"Good luck selena "zayn said walking over to the guys
Justin drove to the finish line and so did Joe
" are you ready"I asked Justin rudded his engine and so did Joe Justin smirked I'll wave the checkered flag then the checkered flag and off they went
Justin p.o.v
When I found out Selena was the flag girl I smirked she's going to get it tonight I won and I drove into the crowd I got out of the car hoping Selena would jump into my arms but I looked over and saw ?and ??are ???

I hope u guys like it love u guys bye

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