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*Olivia's POV*

It's 6:00, one hour tell my sisters come home from work. I spent most of the day watching TV.  I'm now bored and need something to do. After debating with myself I decide to cook dinner.

As I walk over to the kitchen I grab my I-Pod and set it in the docking station. I turn it up and walk to the fridge. I pull out chicken, rice, and mashed potatoes.

*30 minutes later*

Dinner was ready,so I set the table. Opening the cabinet I grab three plates and four forks. I set them on our small dinning room table.

Just then I hear a car pull up. I look out the window and check who's car it was. I see a limo and know exactly who it is.

"Kaleigh's home!" I yell to no one but me.

*Kaleigh's POV*

Ryan pulls up to the drive way around 6:30.

"We're here!" Ryan tells me while giving me a shy smile.

"Thank You!"

"Welcome Kaleigh, um can I ask you something?"

I'm shocked by the question but nod.

"What would you say if I was your new driver?"

"Um, I would love it!" I smile and wink at him as I grab my purse and open the door. He just smiles and looks me up and down. I can feel his eyes stair at my butt, and I kind of sorta like it. I closed the door and walk up to our flat. He drove away.

"Olivia I'm home!" I yell to try and find Olivia.

"In the kitchen!" I walk into the kitchen and find a dinning room table full of food.

"Olivia, you did all this?"

"Um, ya. I got bored and decided to cook, I hope you like it."

When she stops talking I drop my stuff and start stuffing my face. I was hungry!!

"This is amazing!" I say almost chocking on my chicken.

"Thanks!" Olivia happily replies.

"By the way, where's Kayla? She texted me and said that she has a surprise for us."

*Kayla's POV*

"Bye Jake, see you later," I tell Jake while giving him a big hug.

"Bye Kayla," Jake says while hugging me back.

I shut the car door and walk to the front of my house. I pull my key out and unlock it. Instantly, I smell food.

"I smell food!" I yell while walking into the kitchen. I pull out a chair and begin eating. It tastes fantastic!

"Nice to see you too," Olivia giggles

"Sorry, Hi. Who cooked?"

"I did!" Olivia proudly answers.

"Well, its fantastic!"

"Whats the big surprise?" Kaleigh asks. 

"Lily invited all three of us to her party tomorrow! It's at eight at that new club next to the movie theater. She also said she's having live entertainment, you guys want to go?"

"Sounds fun, I'm in!" replys Olivia

"Me too! Who is the entertainment?"

" I don't know, Lily never told me."

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