Chapter 1: 2 Different Worlds....

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2 different worlds

17 years later…

Valeria was born at the hospital in Wisconsin. She grew up, well-taken care of. Despite of the fact that she is a kind daughter to her parents, she was a happy, fun-loving, outgoing, caring, and gentle person. She always was an expert on fashion and has been always up-to-date, she only want to be a great fashion designer when she grows up. She has helped her mother with so much fashion tips for her magazine. Not to mention her mother was the great Kayleigh Armstrong FairHolm, one of the greatest fashion designers ever to live. She has hopes that she could be like her someday, though she is now studying at college and was about to finish it in 3 years.

Kevin, on the other hand was born with so many duties to attend to. Though he can be bossy sometimes he still is a great prince of the land of Arlandia (this isn’t a real place, this isn’t a real country either). He had done so much for his own country, all though he is a fun-loving and an outgoing person aside from being a prince, he doesn’t bother to be proper around his own brother who was born a year after him. They were both hanging out with each other when they can and there are no duties to attend to.

(Everyone seemed to think that this chapter is short ;), yes it is. Cause it's just a short summary of their lives. I hope you all understand! Anyways, comment, vote and fan!

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