Suzume's POV~

   This HUGE wall of flame was headed straight for Kankuro! In a panic, I pushed the sand that Gaara had drained with a gust of wind, the sand negetating the effects of the fire. Kankuro wiped the sweat off his face, and guided his burnt puppet away from the scorched ground. The enemy ninja was sitting there with a shocked look on his face.

   The enemy smirked. "Show yourself," He commanded. I stayed quiet for as long as I could, but he knew I was there. It was no use. Drawing my wind back to me, I stepped out of the plants. "Puppet boy, step aside. I don't care for you any longer."

   I crossed my arms, and noticed the sand settling beneath me, the scattered patches of tall green grass peeking through. "Fine," I said.

   The fire wall must have drained a lot of chakra, because he resorted to making clones, and trying to throw kunai. Luckily, Shukaku was tolerating me, and it granted me my chakra shield, After a few tries, I got bored, and after a few rapid hand signs, I summoned the stream of wind. I felt my green chakra twist and form around him, gradually becoming more and more opaque, until I couldn't see him anymore. The only sense of his presence was the pushing I felt against my barrier.

   I slowly extended my arm, then began to close my fist. I was honestly winging it, but the end result was like Gaara's sand coffin. The air pressure became greater the tighter my fist became, until the entity I had sensed wasn't there any more. He went limp.

   The green air slowly faded, and Kankuro and I forged on. Random noises out of nowhere made me jumpscare a few times, but we didn't run into trouble. One we hit a certain point, I heard a familiar voice coming from the chakra receiver. Gaara.

   "We've reached the point."

   Then Temari. "Got it."

   Then Kankuro. "Got it!"

   And last, me. "Yes, Gaara, ma'am!" I could hear him sigh.

  "Four man formation. Disperse." Gaara said.

   By four man formation, he meant the one man each approach where we each go alone, and form something similar to a square. Looking at Kankuro, he glanced back at me, before disappearing.

   On my own...

   Once there wasn't a trace of Kankuro left, I dashed out to the side to keep at a distance from the rest of the squad, then closed in.

   Only if things went as planned...

   As I was approaching the target, I felt a presence behind me. I whipped around as the figure tried to strike my head with the blunt handle of a weapon. Shukaku blocked it with ease, which left my attacker confused.

   "What the f..." A voice murmured as he repeatedly tried to hit me.

   Taking a few steps back into the shadows, I heard an angry voice in my head.

   Get this over with... I have better things to do.

   Pfft. Like what?

   You know what I mean!!! Shukaku snarled. Stop needing to be spoonfed!

   I smirked. Just watch. I won't need you for the rest of this mission.

   The demon chuckled. Good luck with that, kid.

   My hand went to my hip as I began to remove the cork off my wind jar. However, before I could do so, a strange substance wrapped around my arms and legs, tripping me.

   Struggling against my restraints, I tried getting back on my feet, and failed. My heart raced, and the dark shaped walked over toward me.

   Then everything went black.


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