"You're scaring me, Sean," I whispered.

He couldn't know that I knew so much. He couldn't know that I was anything else but a clueless human. Because Max wouldn't tell.


His eyes turned dark, shifting into nuances of dark marine, as if he was angered by my weakness rather than sympathetic to it. "Did he fuck you?"

I jumped as if he had struck me, because his hands were suddenly at my waist, his fingers curling into my abdomen.

I shook my head, answering honestly while looking him straight in the eyes, "No."

His eyes narrowed and I inhaled sharply as he pushed his hands underneath my shirt, sliding up the bare skin beneath, to cup the underside of my bra. "He did something."

"Get off me," I whispered, my voice stronger now as survival and anger overrode my instinctive fear of aliens and what they could do to a insignificant human like me.

With my anger, the buzz in that small area of my mind increased, like someone was turning up the volume. I wanted to press my palms against my ears - as though it would stop the painful sound - but I didn't want to give anything away in front of him.

"He's in your mind. Where I should be." He cupped my breasts.

My arms came up and shoved at him, but I barely made an impact, only causing mirth to crinkle around his emotionless eyes.

Sean tsk'ed. "Now now..." His fingers were slowly sliding inside the protective cups of my bra as he leaned in and placed a (uncharacteristically) soft kiss on my cheek. Pulling back, he looked into my frightened eyes, continuing, "I wanted to do this the right way. Make you fall for me. Make you mine in every way possible. But that-" he took a deep breath "-fucking Max Evans had to interfere." His thumb brushed against my left nipple and my stomach cramped with nausea. "So I just have to make this quick. Cause once I've change your-" he laughed and continued - as if his voice was making air quote signs "-'mind', you wouldn't want some alternative like Max Evans."

Through the buzz I heard a distinct voice. Worried and sharp.


Outside my mind, Sean pulled his hands away from my breasts, out of my shirt, pressed his hands into the my shoulders, rooting me in place, and pushed his mouth onto mine.

I struggled as his tongue tried to pry my lips open.

"Noo," I mumbled through tightly squeezed lips and used every ounce of energy in my being to push against him.

Where are you?

The buzzing had stopped and Max's voice was as clear as if he was standing next to me. I reacted the only way I could; I focused on pushing Max away, on denying his presence, while physically struggling against Sean whose hands were putting a painful pressure on my shoulders.

I couldn't have Max in my head when this was happening. I couldn't let him see me weak, vulnerable, and exposed while at the mercy of one from his own species. I couldn't let him watch as I was being sexually assaulted.

There was a snap in my mind. Like a light switch clicking off. Instant coldness spread in my whole body and I was so perplexed by the sensation that for a second I lost focus on Sean and he forced his tongue into my mouth.

I gagged, kicked up with my knee, trying to hit something 'vital'. But he was standing too close, immobilizing me.

"Mmm," he moaned and pulled back, a smile of delight on his lips, as if he had just tasted his favorite dessert, and my heart was thumping in my ears as I stared at him breathlessly.

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