15th and 16th Chapter

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15th Chapter

Should i wear a dress? Or tee and pants? Or short shorts? Or skirt? O r what?

Fck it! I don't know what to wear. I'm considering things, y'know? If i wear sexy outfits, Sara might think that i'm seducing Dave, which is very incest! I never ever dreamt of being in a romantic relationship with him. It's -- ew. Point taken,Dave is a nice guy, handsome, owns a thick wallet (with thousands of cash), and everything you would love about a guy, but then again, I only see him as my older brother. No more, no less. So it was really stupid of me that i kissed him. The memory disgusts me big time.

"Fifteen minutes have already passed yet you are still undecided?" He sighed. "Girls will always be girls."

"Shut up, Andy. I'm concentrating!" Then i examine my closet again, finding a perfect dress for Dave's birthday party. "Oh sht. Ano'ng klaseng party nga pala yun?"

He scratched his head, "Grabe, hanap ka ng hanap ng isusuot mo, hindi mo pala alam kung anong klaseng party 'yun."

"Is it my fault that you didn't inform me?" Roll eyes here. "Oo na, oo na. Ako na may kasalanan."

"So, what is it?"

"Kahit ano isuot mo, hindi naman formal yun. Besides, kahit ano naman isuot mo, maganda ka pa rin." 

"Bola mo mukha mo."

"Buti alam mo." The nerve!

"Layas nga! Magbibihis na ako. Shoo!" Then he laughed, "Ang pikon mo talaga." Then he dozed off.

I came up with a simple dress. Knee length, no cleavage shown. I'm so conservative, well, just for this night.

"So how do i look?" I turned around. 

"You look the same." Fine. I'm a bit disappointed. Just a bit, alright? Fine. I am really disappointed. I'm just a girl who wants to hear compliments once in a while. Is saying, "You're lovely. Or you are stunning etc." that hard? 

I frowned. I frowned. I frowned. I'm disappointed, in case you don't know!

"You still look the same.. Beautiful as ever."

He caught me. "Ang cute mo talaga." He said while pinching my cheek. "Ano ba! Masisira yung make up ko!"

"Ayaw mo nun? Natural blush on na kasi mapula na yung pisngi mo?" Sarcastic. Bwiset!

"Fck you!"

"Ang bastos mo!"

"Aaargh! Don't talk to me!" He's pissing me! "As you wished."Then he acted like he's zipping his mouth."

We went to his car and drove to the venue. Still, he's not talking.




"This silence is killing me! Just please say something!"


"Bakit ba ang pilosopo mo?!" He then stopped the car and parked.

"I'm just doing what you said. You said shut up, i shut up. You said say something, i said something. Now, what the hell is you're problem?!"

"My problem is---" He kissed me. With one kiss and everything went blurry. In my world, it's just me and him. Me and him and this kiss that we're sharing. This bittersweet story that we had. My dark past and his broken promises.. With just a kiss, my world collided.