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Instead of having a dream that night, I had a vision.

It  began from the runner’s point of view. I was running as fast as I could through tunnels that seemed to resemble an underground sewer. The stench of debris and pollution filled my nose as my bare feet splashed in the water.  I knew it was pitch black in the tunnels, but for some reason I could easily see the outlines of the walls and could sense where to go next. Men from behind screamed for me to yield, throwing out curse words and threats of how I would die once they found me. At the end of my destination, a white line appeared, as well as some dim lights on the ceiling that I had learned was the separation from The Facility and the outside world. 

I was moments away from freedom when I was hit in the back, and the leg. Sharp, intense pain burst from the areas, making me moan in pain. My speed slowed until I was barely able to stumble down the sewer line.  Everything started to become doubled until I lose my equelibrium completely and fell onto the floor. 

All hope was lost, I was going to die in the sewer lines.The men's voices were nearing closer, and closer until gun shots went off. The only sound was now the drip of the sewer line, as well as my fast breathing.  Two identical men stood over me, the one with a bright smile on. I recognized the two as Jack Harrison, and his twin brother, Harry Harrison. 

The vision ended.

I woke up in a jolt, my face dripping with sweat. I serveyed my small room, trying to calm myself from the vision and make sure nobody was in my room, watching me every move. My excited pulse finally started to retreat to it's normal beat. 

I let out a sigh, sarcastically telling my bedroom, "What a fantastic start to the morning!"

I lazily swung my legs off of the bed, walked over to my step in closet, and began looking through my closet for clothes to begin my favortie day of the week, Saturday.  Pretty much, mycloset consists of t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, dresses, and sneakers. The typical, normal, teenage girl who is in every way average's closet, right?  After an hour of trying on outfits, I settled for denim jeans and a grey turtleneck. The outfit felt kind of bland for me, so I added  a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bracelet to my right wrist.

Hey, it’s not like I’m the only person who owns one. Plus the connection between the bracelet and I are just too similiar.

“Jessica, get down here right now! You're going to be late again!” Mary called from the kitchen. Her tone? A bit agitated. 

 I rolled my eyes at her usual tone, now standing in front of my vanity mirror. My hair literally looked like I rubbed it along the carpet to create static electricity, mopped up a spill on the kitchen floor, and decided the birds needed a new home, my head.

“I’ll be right down I just....need to finish my hair!” I yelled back, really thinking I needed to shave my hair off completely.

 My long wavy brown hair was messy and untamed. After running my thick brush through it, I sprayed some frizzy spray all over it. My hand grazed my straightener, and that was when I remembered.

"Crap," I muttered, throwing the device back under the sink. I forgot I had 'accidently' thrown my straightener  against the wall, when it wouldn't straighten my bangs correctly. In my defense, the thing was asking for it, trying to burn me every other second and not get any sort of punishment.

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