Chapter 17

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Still wearing Matt’s jacket, I sat down on the sofa.

He and my mom were talking at the door for a little while before Matt finally came inside fully and sat down beside me once more.

Joining us too was my mother whose face was saturated with concern. She seemed to snivel slightly as she sat down, and her gaze met with mine.

“Where are your friends? Honey, what happened?” As she asked me that, I felt guilty for what I had been doing to myself. She needed me and I was being stupid.

I needed to stop. But, inevitably I would have more visits to the councillor.

Matt subtly nudged me with his knee, urging me to tell my mother what had happened.

“Well,” I began cautiously, glancing back to Matt every now and then for support. “Matt pulled me away from Benji, Joel and Emily. I have no idea what happened to Jenna and Vicki and her new friend got really drunk and-”

“Why did you pull her away?” my mom asked Matt, quite defensively. She seemed a little annoyed at him – clearly not grasping my point.

“Joel and Vicki got drunk. Joel tried to…well…I don’t even know what his ultimate goal was, but Benji came and pulled him off me. They got into a huge fight and everyone got riled up. Matt got me away from it all.”

Her gaze softened as she looked over to Matt. “Thank you” she mouthed as he nodded modestly.

I knew what was coming, but couldn’t pluck up the courage to admit to her, so I nudged Matt.

“Mrs Sutherland, Charlotte…um…she has been self-harming again” he edged, keeping my mother’s fragile state in the forefront of his mind.

She gazed at me blindly. “Charlotte?” she cried out, “why?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m sorry.” As I apologised, she outstretched her arms and welcomed me into a warm embrace, squeezing me tightly.

“What has that monster done to us?” she asked me rhetorically. “All of us,” she added, looking over at a sullen Matt who was now slumped in my sofa.

“I…I should probably go now,” he muttered as he stood and walked over to the front door.

“Oh! No, I have that…thing…for you” my mom informed him.

He nodded quickly as she left the room, running up the stairs and clearly entering her room. She began to search upstairs and we could both hear her opening drawers and closing the soon after.

I knew that this could very well be the last time I saw Matt for a while, and I knew I had to speak up.

“What is she looking for?” I asked. He simply shook his head at me.

“Are you coming into school on Monday?” I asked. Again, he shook his head. I became very agitated.

“Do you want your jacket back?” I asked one final question.

He shook his head. I became worried that he was turning back into his old self. Well, of what I knew of him anyway.

I began to repress my tears, but could not prevent one from falling down my left cheek.

He looked up, saw this and came over to me.

“Hey,” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly against his chest. “Don’t cry.”

“NO!” I sobbed. “Why won’t you come in? I’m still coming in to school even though I have to go through all of this too.”

He rubbed his arm up and down my back, “it’s not that simple, you don’t understand.”

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