The Man

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Hey guys!  Here is my 2 sencod chapter please vote and comment and tell me the good and bads about the story thanks.



Chapter 2

The Man

I tried to move,  but my body wouldn't let me. I heard s beeping noise, which bothered me a lot. I tried to open my eyes, but it fely like they were glued shut, I only caught a glimpse of a person standing at the foot of - of, well I think it's my bed. 

Mom? Was that mom? No, It couldn't she has long hair and the person had short hair. Dad? Could ti really be him? But, he said he would never come back! "Dad?" I asked quietly. The person turned around, so I could see that he was a guy, but not my dad. "No." he said, "Guess again."

His voice sounded familiar, like the guys I got a mysterious voicemail from. I started to get scared, "What did you want to tell me in the phone call?"

The guy took a second to answer, "That's for me to know and you to find out." He paused and then walked over to the sink with a cup and put water in it. "Here, you might need it. Your mouth might be dry."

I took a sip and asked, "Who are you? What happened? Where am I?" I stopped for a second and took a big gulp and asked, "Where's my mom? Why..."

He cut me off, " Whoa! I'm only one person! I can only answer one question at a time!. My name is Ezra. You are at the hospital. I don't know where your mom is.

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