Second in Roman Britain series - Daughter of Britain

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If any of you are following me on twitter, you would know I've been working on a sequel of sorts to War Prize for a while now and I've been abusing the #dailywordcount tag with exploring the possibilities. 

And I've finally hit on something. 

In War Prize, we had a Roman woman's life in the hands of a British warrior's hands and trying to find her place in the tribe. In the second of this series, Daughter of Britain, we now have the daughter of a British King at the mercy of a Roman General.

Here is the summary:

 I am Alana, daughter of King Ardal, Shield maiden to the Brigantes tribe. And i will not bow to Rome.

 But the unthinkable had happened. Her father, the leader of the Brigantes who have been at war with Rome for years, have surrendered unconditionally. To ensure peace, he promised the tribe will lay down their weapons, break their shields and give his only daughter as a hostage to the Roman General, Marcus Albinus. 

Alana now finds herself in a very dangerous position, where Citizens plot against each other for the title of victor, powerful women seek to tear each other down, and the most troubling of all, her life forever tied to a man who who could take hers away with only a thought.

These can be read in no particular order or even having read War Prize. But for those who have, Daughter of Britain is set years after War Prize, during the middle of the Roman campaign of Britain. If you're interested here is the link to the story:

https:// www. wattpad. com/ story/ 45339965-daughter-of-britain-roman-britain-story

(just remove the spaces)

Or you can find it in my works. Also, as i have not been keeping up with the changes on this websites and was wandering why i wasn't receiving story updates from the people i follow, you have to add the story to your reading lists. So if you want to keep up with my updates, please do so. I'm sure you all know this before, but i'm not so savvy like you young'uns! 

I really hope you give Daughter of Britain a chance. Writing War Prize with all of you by my side has been a highlight of my life and i hope we can share this new adventure together.

See you there!

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