f i v e

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my eyes began to get heavier and heavier every second of the movie. when my eyes are almost completely shut, I jolt up a little and force myself to stay up, even though it's past midnight.

I mentally said 'fuck it' and closed my eyes. my head leaned, trying to find a place to rest. Vic's body scooted closer to me and I hesitated to lay my head on him but my body had other plans.

my head laid comfortably on Vic's shoulder and I drifted off as Vic slowly moved his hand to my thigh and rubbed it through the fabric of my sweat pants.

is this really happening? is Vic actually touching my thigh? okay Violet, this probably doesn't mean anything, he is just being nice. You're sleepy and you're mind is playing tricks on you. Maybe it's just a gesture of comfort, he's being nice after your fight. Maybe.

i fell asleep with a ton of questions racing through my head, seeking to be answered.

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