A and D (24)

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And the ball went in, as the buzzer went off.

The cheer and shouts of the people in the gym were deafening. The sound of it made you want to scream blissfully, too.

It was a close game. The final score was ninety-eight to ninety-seven, Stallions in the lead. It was a good thing that we managed to win back points. I was actually glad that I came up with some encouragement for the team.

The guys attacked me. Then, they carried me on their shoulders. They eventually put me down, realizing that they were washed-out from the game and could not take any more weight.

So they settled on sneaking up behind Coach, and then poured water on him from the water container. Coach yelled at them. But he later laughed it off.

I raised my head up, scanning the crowd for her. It was kinda hard now, especially when she wasn't wearing her huge glasses. Plus, almost everyone was jumping up and down in excitement. I couldn’t blame them.

Awe. Man, I really couldn’t find her over these many people. But I had to find her. There was this need inside of me to find her.


Where could Dakota be? She was just there with Alyson and that Richardson. She would surely congratulate me first before leaving.


I turned around, hearing my name. Annabelle put her hands around my neck in an instant.

“Are you listening to me?” she asked, pouting.

“Yes?” I answered, unintentionally rising the tone at the end of the word and making it sound like a question.

“Baby,” she said, starting to smile. “Congratulations! You won!”

I returned her smile. “The team won.”

All of a sudden, she tip-toed and surprised me with a kiss. I didn’t know what I was expecting from the kiss but it surely wouldn’t be emptiness. I didn’t feel anything. Yeah, I still felt the way I did whenever I kissed Annabelle.

But I just realized how extremely dull it felt if I was going to compare it to the kiss I had with . . . her.

Argh. Fine, I admit it.

I kissed Dakota.

I kissed her in the locker room. And I honestly didn’t know what came over me to do such a thing. Actually, I had a little idea.

It was because of my instincts. Like always, it never failed me before. When I followed it, it was usually the right thing to do. It lead me to the right path. So what was it trying to tell me when I kissed Dakota?

You know what else? The kiss I had with her was just . . . I dunno, it just felt meaningful or something. And that was weird because usually, when I kissed a girl, I just felt the same old lust.

With the Dakota? It was more than that. It was lust and it felt right.

Don’t get me wrong by thinking I was just horny, because it was the truth for all the males out there. It was usual for us. We couldn’t get it out of our system. Besides, the only ones we liked to touch were the ones we actually felt something for. And that was called ‘affection.’

Back to my point, I never imagined in my whole life that Dakota could make me feel that way. You know, possessive and protective and all. I wanted her all to myself and no one else.

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