Every character, place, and most ideas in this book are solely the ideas of George Lucas, including writers, directors, and cast members from the Star Wars films.

However, few ideas are mine.

New story! How exciting!

Anyways, I recently ended The Chosen One - which brought a tear to my eye - and I decided to start something new.

But I need to say something and get something straight before I continue. I completely got this entire idea of a book from one of the most amazing books/writers I've ever seen on Wattpad, and even in general.

I highly suggest you go check out the book where I got this idea from: lucky_ducky_123 owns the story, called Redemption!

It's along the same lines of what this book is going to be about, but of course, I wouldn't dare take every single idea from Redemption - because that's not fair, nor is it original on my part! So, my story will be different in many aspects (:

For the most part, the entire "time travel Luke" idea was inspired by Redemption, which is an absolutely INCREDIBLE story. I love it to pieces, and I definitely recommend you guys check it out if you haven't already!

Okay, now that I explained where I got this idea from, I'd also like to give thanks to a few more people: shanSWfan is super awesome and supportive, thank you so much for keeping up with my stories! I couldn't be more thankful that you enjoy them!

Also, I'd like to thank Flash_Fan2024 because she's honestly an amazing person and writer that I met on here not too long ago. She's a great friend and is very motivational, supportive and inspirational - Morgan, thank you so much! Go check out her story if you haven't, it's amazing.

All right, well... I think that's about it.

Be sure to check out my other two stories, The Chosen One (which is finished) and Forbidden (almost halfway there)!

The first part to Into The Dark will be coming soon!

Big thanks to everyone reading, I'm so so SO grateful for every single one of you.

Thanks again,

- Claudia

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