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Harry's POV

"They should be back by now." I pace across the living room floor. They have been gone over two hours, Zayn and Perrie haven't even returned.

"Harry, calm down mate. I'm sure they'll be back soon." Niall calmly says from the sofa.

"I can't help this bad feeling I have in the pit of my stomach." I rub my hands over my face. I need to go and find them.

"Harry, sit down. I'll make some tea." Louis gets up from beside Niall and heads to the kitchen.

"Harry I'm sure they'll be here soon." Niall pats my back.

"You're right, I'm just overreacting." I laugh at myself. I can be so irrational when it comes to Skye.

"Here's some tea." Louis hands me the steaming cup. I take a sip and lean back against the sofa. I hope they come back soon.

Skye's POV

I awake with a horrible pounding in my head. Feeling as if someone is punching my skull over and over I silently lay on my bed for a bit. I rub my temples, trying to ease some of the pain. When that plan seizes to work I decide to get up to get some Advil from Harry.

As soon as I sit up it feels as if the wind has gotten knocked out of me. Looking around the very unfamiliar room, the events from earlier come flooding back. I am in lying in a bed that is too hard to be mine, the walls being green instead of the soothing red I am used to. The only furniture being the bed and a dresser.

The bedroom door opens and the man I have dreaded to see waltzes right in. Naughty boy. He's the reason for this. My eyes narrow at him.

"Ah good, you're awake." He menacingly smirks.

"No thanks to you." I flinch at the pain that shoots from my brain.

"Hurting?" He asks, trying to make it sound like he actually cares.

I roll my eyes. "Oh no, everything's peachy."

He looks taken aback at my confident-overly sarcastic reply, but quickly recovers. "Well Liam here will tend to you."

A handsome tall man walks in carrying a glass of water with some pills in hand. If this situation were any different his brown puppy dog eyes would have me melting at his feet. The thought of Courtney suddenly breaks me out of my daze.

"Wait! Where's Courtney?"

Naughty boy stops at the door frame, a puzzled expression covering his face. "Courtney?" He scrunches his eyebrows. "Oh, your friend! You needn't to worry, Edgar is accompanying her."

"I swear if that creep touches her I'll!-"

"You'll what? Get your boyfriend to tear him apart? Good luck with that." With that he turns around and leaves, slamming the door on his way.

Liam shakes his head and walks over to the side of my bed. I give him the most intimidating glare I can muster.

"I'm not going to hurt you." Liam laughs at my failed attempt to scare him.

I sigh. "Why should I believe you?"

"Because I'm a friend of Harry's...and I can help you and your friend get out." He raises an eyebrow. "Believe me now?"

Liam! He's the Liam the boys were talking about. How could I be so dumb? I mentally curse myself out for being so feeble-minded.

"You're Liam! Of course you are."

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