My Wattpad Hero

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Chapter One - Little Did I know 

I sighed as I walked into our new house. It was way bigger that our old one, which didn't impress me at all. All the walls were extremely boring, in white and black. I always wished for a big house, but NOT IN BRADFORD! The word Bradford for some random reason reminds me of a Bad and dangerous city. So that's the main reason I absolutely hate Bradford.

Oh, I nearly forgot to introduce myself! My name is Allison Clark, I'm 16 years old, and I was quite popular in my old school. I have long blonde hair and dark, deep brown eyes. My favourite internet website would be Wattpad. The reason why, because I met this guy with beautiful personality and I think I fell for him a little bit. That probably sounds impossible, right? Like it could be some 40 year old person sitting beside the other screen trying to 'Punk' me. But I'm sure it isn't. He told me his name was Zayn but he never told me what his last name is, I didn't either, because I need time. Any online website could be real dangerous. Anyway I'm going of topic now. I'm good at Badminton, and I have about 10 medals and trophies from it. I'm also not bad at football. You probably already get it that I'm not a girly-girl, but I'm not a Tomboy either. I could be really random sometimes, and also naughty. Some teachers from my old school absolutely hated me, but some liked me, because I was like an angel around them. I loved playing tricks on teachers and mostly it ended by going to principal's office. And obviously I used to have to explain every single detail what happened to my mum, but she didn't really listen to me anyway. Enough for now. You'll get more information of me in my story. 


"Allison please come down the stairs and meet our neighbours!" my mum yelled from down stairs. 

"Coming!" I shouted back as loud as I could for no reason, other than the fact that I wanted to.  

I got downstairs and there I saw a woman and a boy around my age who had hair as dark as the darkness. He smirked at me. I felt uncomfortable straight away. That boy did really scare me, but I wasn't sure why. To make matters worse, he came towards me, wrapping me in a hug. 

"My name is Zayn Malik," he introduced himself as like he was some kind of president or something like that. 

"Nice to meet you. I'm Allison Clark," I giggled. He got lost there, but then he smiled back. He walked away as his mother, i guess, was yelling his name and they immediately went home. For some reason I had a feeling that he wasn't that really good boy, but I wasn't the best either. The name Zayn was really familiar to me. Wait.... Yes I remember it! My Wattad Hero, as I call it! But it wasn't him. There's at least 2,000 people on earth with the same names. And Malik? No way.  

I walked to my room and took out my laptop which was on my work table. I went on Wattpad and checked my messages. I found a message from Zayn. 

'Hello Ally:) xxx' 

I quickly replied. 

'Hello Zizi:D xxx' 

'How was your day sweetheart? xxx' 

Yes we do call each other names, but it doesn't mean anything. 

'Fine, I expected worse. ' 

'Awww, It's alright. Changing houses isn't that bad, is it? xx' 

'It's not that bad when your not in your least favourite city, or town, whatever you could call it :(' 

'What's that town you hate so much?' 

I was going to reply, but my mum yelled that I had to go for dinner. 

'Sorry, have to go for dinner. Text to u later :)xxx' 

I turned of my laptop and I put it back on the work table. As I got downstairs I could smell Pepperoni Pizza and French Fries Yumm! I thought. I sat on chair just beside the table, obviously. The table was bigger than our old one and the chairs were way too new for me. Every single thing in this house smelt new. And I absolutely hate that smell! My mum was busy talking on her phone, and my dad was still at his new job, which he got just yesterday, so I had to eat on my own. I hate being alone, but in my family I'm always left alone, because they're 'busy'... Ahh sure. I won't be like that to my kids. 

When I finished my food I washed my dishes and went to my room, but a knock on the door stopped me. I opened the door, and was terrified when I saw who stood there...

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