The Way You Look

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The next few days after the talent show were awkward. I had all these emotions that were gnawing at me. They wanted to get out more than anything. I would have loved to show my love for Ryan, but Will made things uneasy somehow. I'm just glad it was him and not Pete. Ryan and I were careful not to draw attention to ourselves. We held hands under the table and snuck in kisses when no one was looking. People gave us a hard enough time when we were just friends. 

I hadn't been skipping class lately. I wanted to be in class so I could spend more time with Ry. Will, Ry and I were in English class. We sat way in the back. I passed notes to Ry as Ms. Helen went over 'Lord of the Flies'. I would have been bored out of my mind if it weren't for this brilliantly beautiful creature sitting next to me. He made my heart beat quicken and skip a beat at the same time. I was no more than a love sick teenager. What more could I say? I loved love. I was a romantic.

The bell rang, and we sped off to the cafeteria. Ry and I watched everyone else get their food. We sat and talked, holding hands under the table. Will was the first one back with his food. He looked at us back and forth, as if he was expecting something. 

"You guys" He pointed with his fork. "have been acting weird lately"

Ryan and I exchanged worried looks. I cracked under Will's intense gaze. "Fine. We know you know what's up. You guys were going to find out eventually"

"So why the sneaking around then?"

"Because, we didn't want you guys pressuring us before we had a chance"

He nodded for a moment and thought. By now, everyone else was seated. 

That night, we had band practice at Spencer's house. I wasn't sure if I could keep my hands off my beloved. We were in the middle of a song. I was surging with energy and untapped libido. Ryan had gotten close to me. I just couldn't help myself. He was so irresistible when he played. I kissed him fully. The passion consumed us. My hands entangled in his hair. His hands wrapped tightly around my waist. Jon and Spence had stopped playing.

"Hello, my name is Spencer, and Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross are making babies in my garage" He said into the mic. Jon Snickered. I pecked Ryan on the lips one more time before releasing him. Ryan smacked my ass. 

"Oh, please. Don't stop on our account. Continue" Spencer mocked. 

"We'll just chill inside. Come get us when you have this out of your system and your ready to rehearse" Jon said. He took Spence with him. It went much more smoothly than I thought. I stood there for a second while Ryan placed his guitar in it's stand. He then attacked me. His lips crashed into mine like waves crashing against the shore. His hands grabbed at my ass. Our bodies were pressed incredibly close against one another. I teased my tongue along his bottom lip. He opened for me, our tongues were dirty dancing in our mouths. I lifted Ryan's legs, wrapping them around my waist. My hands cradled his ass firmly. He let out soft moans. The friction was beginning to be too much. I pulled my head back slowly.

"So, that thing about 'making babies'?" I said seductively. Ryan placed his hand over my face.

"Not in your dreams, Urie" He said with a teasing smile. I let him back on the ground, then went inside to get Jon and Spencer. I could hear creaking. Love making creaking. Spence and Jon were on the couch. Shirts off, pants unbuttoned. They were just making out for now. It was I was speechless.

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